Warning Signs and Effects of Narcissistic Personality

There are many personality disorders that people face these days. They vary from person to person. Some lack empathy in them and some get dissolved in their own self. When I was working as a clinical psychologist in Zainab Panjwani Hospital, Karachi.  I attended a patient who was narcissistic. I had to take some help from senior doctors in that case. The patient was in a drastic condition and had some chronic effects on his health.

I realized that many people are unaware of such diseases and neglect them. Due to many misconceptions, people don’t feel a need to get educated on these diseases. So, in the light of the situation, we as a team of psychologists arranged a seminar on personality disorders and the ways to cure them. Hence, narcissistic personality is the most common among these. So, let’s get into more information regarding this trait. 

What is a Narcissistic Personality?

An unnecessary feeling of power, huge brilliance and excess of self-importance is the arousal of narcissistic personality. They are so lost in their own self, want themselves to be successful always and look down upon others. It is a mental condition in which people have an ultimate desire for attention and being admired. This condition leads to the trouble in building relationships and handling their work.

Alarming Signs Of Narcissistic Personality: 

The symptoms of every disease vary a lot. Whatever a disease is, an early diagnosis is a necessity. Some of the common signs that help in the identification of this disorder are detailed below.

  • People with narcissistic personality have some high expectations. They always want to be felt needed and extra care from the people around. 
  • Narcissism promotes the lack of empathy. These people tend to be their own favorite and look down upon others. They are dissolved in their own traits and own worth. Self worth is a good thing but excess of everything is bad. 
  • Narcissistic Behavior provokes the person to grab more attention. People become addicted to the constant need of attention. They always want to be noticed by everyone. 
  • For them, the rules of society don’t mean anything. They flaunt the rules and this behavior leads to many troubles in future. 
  • They become insecure with their own appearance. They get their health affected by trying to be perfect always. 
  • They adapt a habit of manipulating the emotions. They tend to create negative vibes and dramas. In the long run, narcissistic people suffer alone.
  • A visual imagination of being flawless is one of their traits. In every situation, they blame others and identify their faults. For themselves, they desire only praise and praise. 
  • They have ego issues and never like to be ignored or rejected. They fear abandonment and hate to be called upon by other people. 

Harmful Effects of Narcissism:

After going through all the warning signs, you already have an idea of how drastic narcissistic disorder can prove. They have negative effects on their own health along with affecting people around them. Some of the harmful effects are as follow: 

  • When their behavior gets worse, and their expectations don’t meet up. Then it leads to the ideas of suicide.
  • Such people get more irritable and triggered easily. They have an increase in aggressive behavior and don’t care about the people on the other side. 
  • Due to the constant dose of attention and praise, they become egoistic and self-absorbed. It leads to arrogance and attitude issues. 
  • Not having a check on their habits, they have an increased risk of consuming alcohol and other harmful drugs.
  • Narcissistic people stay unhappy and unsatisfied most of the time. They tend to fulfill their own desires. Thus, the people around them don’t enjoy their company. 
  • The narcissistic behavior of a person makes a relationship difficult to grow. The other person suffers with emotional abuse. 

Get Therapy! 

Every disease is curable to an extent. The will power of the patient decides the fate of the disease even if it’s the cancer. When we held the seminar, people got interested in the information provided by the best psychologists in Karachi. Some people panic listening to the effects of such disorders. But, a psychological treatment and your self motivation to get cured is the key! 

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