Ways to get higher marks in the Class 9th English exam

To get a good percentage in any class, you must also score good marks in every subject. Scoring marks in subjects like Science or Math is comparatively easy, as there is only one correct answer. But students often lose marks in English. It might be hard to score 100% marks, but it is not impossible. English is fun and scoring once you get a knack for it. English is one of the first languages you learn in your life other than your mother tongue. Knowing a language always comes in handy when you try to communicate with someone. English, today, acts as the bridge enabling communication among people and nations.

Class 9th to a great extent provides you with the foundation for your higher classes. This foundation must be strong. You can score good marks just by reading the textbooks. There are numerous storybooks, videos, and, podcasts that will enhance your understanding of English. You can refer to the reference books, the podcasts, listen to the news and read storybooks. All of this will help you understand the sentence structure, help you understand the pronunciation, and enhance your writing skills. Having a basic understanding of the language will also assist you in your Higher Education, as English is the medium of instruction in almost all colleges and universities.

One doesn’t really have to join coaching classes for getting desired marks in English. One of the best parts about learning English is that it can be done on your own. Teachers and parents can provide you with guidance. But the drive and curiosity to learn and earn more knowledge must come from inside. You can use the Internet smartly to your advantage.

To get higher marks, you must go the extra mile in your preparation. Be thorough with your textbooks, read them multiple times, understand the meaning behind the words, learn new vocabulary, and practice several questions. After you have practiced your textbook questions, go online and search for 9th Class English textbook answers to evaluate what you have gotten right in your answers and what is missing. Practicing a sufficient number of questions will help you see what your level of preparation is. Start with the basics and then solidify and consolidate your understanding of the language. Your textbooks should be your primary source of preparation.

Given below is a list containing some tips that will give you an edge in your preparation and enable you to score extra marks in the exam.

1. Be thorough with your textbooks

English is a subject that you would love to read and study when you develop an interest in it. All the content you need to ace the exam is included in your textbook. Read your chapters before you go to bed like a story. Develop a strong understanding of grammar. Go through the book 4-5 times to strengthen your understanding.

2. Make notes

While you study, make notes in your language. Do not write the book language. Writing in your language ensures that you have understood a particular topic. It will also make recalling information easier. Make a separate list of new words you learn and try to use them in your notes. This will enhance your vocabulary.

3. Write answers

To make sure that you write well in the exams, you must practice writing. Practice writing answers to different types of questions in a limited timeframe. There are various questions in your textbooks. You can take the help of reference books to practice particular types of questions such as essay writing or letter writing.

4. Previous year papers

While studying a particular topic, take the help of previous years’ papers to comprehend the types of questions that could be asked and the weightage a particular topic carries. You must give equal time to all the topics. But give extra time to the topic or segment you think is more important from the exam’s perspective.

5. Be regular

Be regular in your classes and be regular in your preparation. You should feel responsible for your studies. Create a timetable. Inculcate the skill of being discipline. Read your books daily. Practice your questions daily. Give extra time to the topics you find difficult in your timetable.

6. Understand the syllabus

Download the revised syllabus. A proper understanding of the same is important, as the questions will be asked from the new and updated syllabus. Give sufficient time to grammar that is given in the syllabus.

7. Importance of Grammar

Having a basic understanding of grammar gives you the confidence to communicate and express yourself. To ensure that you do not forget the rules of grammar, write them down and go through them regularly. English is a language, but it is also a skill. The more you experiment and play with it, the more you will find it easy and interesting.

8. Presenting your answers

To score good marks in the exam, you have to present your answers in a better way. Write numerous articles, essays, letters, and reports and find out the way that works best for you. Prepare some general opening and closing statements beforehand.

9. Revise

Revision should be a part of your daily study routine. You must revise whatever you have learned- textbooks, notes, written answers, essays, letters- at least three or four times before even the exam approaches.

10. Eat Healthily

Eat food that is healthy and nutritious. Have fruits, drink milk and take part in some physical activity. Go for a walk or play outdoor with your friends. Stay away from junk food that is undoubtedly tasty but unhealthy.

Take care of your mental health: meditate for a few minutes daily.

If you need help or guidance, don’t hesitate to talk to your parents and teachers. Also, take regular breaks while studying to relax your brain. Follow these simple yet easy tips. You will definitely score the marks you are aiming for. Trust your preparation. Stay calm during the exam. Best of Luck!

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