Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram

Instagram serves as one of the most popular social media sites today when it comes to user engagement. This has led to more people joining the site to stay informed. This is both good and bad news for those who use the site. 

More people equal more engagement. However, a user must find a brand or business before they can engage with it. With so many pages vying for a person’s attention, how can a brand ensure their page gets noticed? 

Buy Followers

A business can buy Instagram followers to get its page before the target audience. While this isn’t a long-term plan for success, it can be used strategically with great results. Purchasing followers allows the company to build social proof. People want to know what makes the page so popular and will take the time to check it out for themselves. Many of these visitors then become followers. 

Eye-Catching Brand

Instagram is a visual site, unlike many social media sites. It revolves around pictures and images. To capture the attention of a visitor to the site, every element of the post must be visually appealing and designed to catch the eye. Experts recommend creating a theme or brand aesthetic and using it with every posting. This ensures the posts are consistent and attractive to the target audience. The page should flow freely from one post to the next, and the profile needs to be set to public to ensure it is found. 

Choose Photos Carefully

Instagram users follow those sites that post pictures they love. These photos can be taken with a smartphone as long as they look professional. If a business owner wants to post a selfie or picture that isn’t polished, they need to restrict who can see these photos. Include a mix of pictures, such as product photos and behind-the-scenes images, to give the viewer a better understanding of the company and what it offers. 

Add a Call-to-Action

Every post on Instagram needs to come with a call-to-action, something that lets the viewer know what steps they should take next. This can be as simple as asking them to share something in the comments or it might be encouraging them to share the post with friends. Anything that will help the company expand its following can be used to create a CTA that produces results. 

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags can help the site attract new visitors. However, they must be used wisely for great results. While it never hurts to include a few popular hashtags in a post, it’s hard to rank for these tags due to the sheer number of people using them. Select hashtags relevant to the industry and create new ones. They may become viral and bring even more attention to the site. Customize the hashtags for the post, rather than using the same ones each time. Doing so will also help to attract more attention. A hashtag generator can help a creator come up with new ideas. 

A person or business should not use Instagram lightly. Individuals who use this site for personal reasons only share what they feel shows them in their best light. Businesses need to do the same. While posting regularly on social media is of importance, so is posting the right material. When a business finds the correct balance between the two, great results will be seen. 

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