Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

When we start talking about dental checkups, the two categories specifically are children of old age people. Children are prone to sugary food and snacks. No matter how much we stop our children, they get attracted to colorful sweet candies. Elders also give them chocolates just to show their love, but this way their teeth and dental hygiene get affected. Bacteria build-up and tooth decay are very common dental issues seen in children. Many times due to vigorous physical activities their teeth get impacted.

Preserving children’s teeth is an important part of parenting. Guardians need to understand how important teeth are, and how they need to keep their kids aware of dental hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist Avon are required, but in addition to that, you can always keep a check on the regular chores. Your child must adopt the habits to keep up the oral hygiene.

Following are the tips which you can adopt to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

  • No more bedtime bottle

Rather than singing a lullaby, it is more comforting to give your child a milk bottle to sleep. This habit is very tempting and it directly affects the oral hygiene of the child. Availability of natural sugar in milk causes tooth decay. Due to a decrease in saliva at night, the bacteria flourishes which ends up in unhygienic oral. If you tend to give your kid milk bottles at night, you must make sure that you clean them with water. You can also wipe build-up particles on teeth with a damp cloth to maintain hygiene.

  • Brushing and Flossing

Oral hygiene is not concerned only with teeth cleaning. You need to clean the baby’s mouth before their teeth grow. After feeding them you need to clean their gums with a damp cloth. Gradually when teeth erupt, you can start cleaning your teeth with a brush. Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles. In addition to this, avoid using fluoride due to the presence of chemicals in it. Rather wash the mouth with clean water after brushing their teeth. When you feel that toothpaste can be used you can start using it. Start with rice-sized amounts. 

  • Avoid Pacifiers

At the growing stage, when teeth are about to grow, kids get restless. They start creating nuisance in public places. Hence, the easy option is pacifiers. You can use them but only on specific occasions. Pediatric dentist Avon suggests avoiding using them regularly. As it directly affects the growth of the teeth. Likewise, the habit of thumb sucking is also one of the reasons which stop tooth growth. Don’t encourage such activities of your kid as it will hamper their growth.

  • Be a friendly role model

Kids with the age of 2-3 years, start imitating their parents. You can take advantage of this period as they’ll follow whatever you’ll do. Start brushing and flossing regularly. Make it an essential part of your routine. You can make it a fun activity to keep your kid indulged in it. Play songs or rhymes while brushing and flossing. This will make your kid a friend of yours and oral hygiene will go hand in hand. Keep yourself away from sugary foods and your kid will do the same.

With all these regular habits you also need to keep a check on any unusual activity. If you see any of the activities or patterns which are not normal you must visit a physician. You can also take suggestions from pediatric dentistry Avon.  Our specialists will attend to you and give you the best advice.

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