These Are the Different Ways to Smoke Marijuana

In America, about 7,000 people a day try marijuana for the first time. The thing about smoking weed is, there’s no official guide. Each smoker is left alone to figure out what they like the best.

The pressure from finding the right ways to smoke marijuana ruins your first time. The occasion should help you relax and release your worries. This is one reason why first-time smokers don’t feel high hese effects make Monkey Mints Strain perfect for treating.

There is no right or wrong method of smoking weed. Pick whatever smoking device works for your lifestyle. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with weed fads. Click here monkey mints strain.

How do you find your ideal ways to smoke weed? Choose your favorites from this list and try them on your next day off of work.

Roll Yourself a Traditional Joint or Blunt

Joints and blunts are the most low-maintenance ways to smoke marijuana. All you need is a rolling paper and some weed.

Over the years, joint and blunt rolling has turned into a form of modern art. Joint artists create fantastical objects from weed and papers. If you ever wanted to smoke a sword or a dragon, these joints are for you. But if you’re looking for a more discreet and efficient way to consume cannabis, you might want to try a mighty vape.

Simple joints take much less time and 9 steps:

  • Break up the weed and remove all stems
  • Spread 1/2 a gram of weed on the rolling paper
  • Smooth out the weed to remove lumps
  • Roll the filled paper to shape the weed into a cylinder
  • Tuck the side of the paper without glue under the weed 
  • Roll the paper around the weed
  • Seal the joint with a little moisture on the glue side
  • Pack down the tip with a pen
  • Twist the ends shut

Use gentle pressure when rolling the joint. Old-style rolling papers tear under too much pressure. First-timers should use hemp wrappers for the added strength.

Vapes Offer New Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Vape pens are the new wave of smoking tools. The controlled temperature doesn’t burn whatever you’re smoking. Marijuana purists who enjoy the flavor often prefer vaping instead of blunts.

Vapes come in a few types:

  • Dry flower vaporizer
  • Tabletop vape
  • Wax/Oil vapes

Vaporizers that burn marijuana instead of a concentrated THC are easy to use. Grind the weed into a fine, fluffy pile and pack it in the chamber. Set your vape to around 315* F and you’re ready to smoke.

Pack Your Weed Into a Water Pipe

Sometimes when smoking weed, the temperature of the smoke makes you cough. Once you cough, you lose the lungful of smoke and a little bit of your possible high. Water pipes filter the Destination Smoke through water to cool it off.

Bongs are the largest type of water pipe, with some reaching over 6 feet in length. They’re usually made of glass but come in durable options like acrylic. 

A basic bong is a straight tube with a mouthpiece and a hole for the bowl. The bowl comes with a stem that releases into the water as you inhale.

New smokers find bongs intimidating, at first. The trick is to use a two-step inhale.

On the first inhale, fill the chamber to the top. On the second, inhale smoke for 10 seconds. Hold it for 3 seconds before exhaling.

Creating bongs and their smaller cousins, bubblers, is a true art form. Smokers who love bongs collect them like a grandma who loves glass hummingbirds. The Heady Glass collection offers stunning examples of bong artwork.

Try Smoking Weed With a Hand Pipe

Chances are you’ve seen glass hand pipes on sale at your local corner market. Pipes in general are a popular way to smoke because there’s less mess than joints. You can also snuff a pipe easier to start your smoke session again later.

Hand pipes come in materials like:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Silicone

Pick a material durable enough to survive how often you smoke. High-volume smokers end up dropping their glass pipes a lot. Hand-carved wood or silicone pipes are long-lasting pipe options.

Pay attention to the size of the bowl on the pipe. Get a bowl that’s too small, and you’ll have to reload too often. A large bowl may encourage you to smoke through your stash faster than you like.

The downside to hand pipes is the lingering smell after you finish smoking. If your weed is potent, the pipe will make the whole room smell like it. Buy a scent-blocking storage case to fix the odor problem.

Improvised Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Necessity often breeds creativity when it comes to smoking marijuana. At least once in their life, a weed smoker creates a pipe from whatever’s handy.

Soda cans are easy to shape into a pipe. Dent the can in the middle to form a bowl and poke small holes in a spiral. Pack your marijuana into the shallow bowl and use the can’s mouth to inhale.

Apples work as a pipe if you don’t mind a little juice while smoking. A pumpkin makes a great bong for your Halloween party. 

Whatever foods you use, consider it a one-time pipe. Mold will form in the warm, damp fruit after you finish smoking.

As a rule, make sure to use materials that are safe when heated. Don’t use a pen stem or anything like it near the bowl. Tinfoil makes a better building material for your improvised pipe needs.

Don’t improvise with rolling papers. You won’t know what’s on the paper you’re using that could damage your lungs. It’s better to wait until you have the proper smoking equipment.

Experiment With These Different Ways to Smoke Marijuana

How you decide to smoke weed depends entirely on what makes you comfortable. Do joints have a bad stigma you’d rather avoid? Why not look for a gorgeous pipe with your favorite flowers on it, instead?

There aren’t rules when choosing ways to smoke marijuana. The trends you see aren’t organic but come from good marketing schemes. Take the time to wade through the marketing to find a smoking method you like.

Looking for tips on ways to relax this weekend? Visit our Health section to find more informative articles.

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