What Are Babolat Overgrips? What Are Their Use In Tennis?

A lot of people who play tennis use Babolat overgrips to help them hold onto their racquet. This is a piece of tape that goes on the handle and helps with grip, but it’s not just for tennis players. Lots of athletes in other sports also find this helpful when they need an extra bit of security. If you’re going to be playing a sport where there are lots of sweaty hands or your hands might get slippery from sweat or another liquid, then this could be a good way to make sure you don’t lose your grip on your equipment.

Babolat overgrips are made to soften the feel of your racquet handle. They come in different colors and materials, but they all have one goal- to make you grip your racquet tighter for more control on shots. It’s important to keep an overgrip on your racquet at all times because it will also help with sweat absorption.

How Babolat Overgrips Work

An overgrip goes on the handle of your racquet and is made of a type of tape. This tape is made from a soft fabric that can either be porous or non-porous, depending on the kind you get. Some athletes even visit a tennis grip factory to customize their own overgrips if they want something special.

Once you have your overgrip in place, you’re ready to start playing. Just be sure to keep an eye on it and replace it when it starts to wear out. Typically, an overgrip will last for around 12-15 hours of play before needing to be replaced.

When to Use An Overgrip

There are a few times when you might want to use an overgrip:  if you’re going to be playing in a humid environment, if you have sweaty hands, or if your hands might get slippery from sweat or another liquid.

How to Apply An Overgrip

Applying an overgrip is a pretty simple process, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind:  make sure the racquet is clean and free of any dirt or dust before applying the overgrip, stretch the overgrip before putting it on the racquet, and make sure it’s tight against the handle so that there is no excess material bunching up.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by cleaning the racquet handle with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.
  2. Then, cut the overgrip to the length you need by measuring it against the racquet handle or marking it with a pen.
  3. Next, place your hand at the base of the racquet head to see if there’s enough overgrip left to overlap on all four sides. If there isn’t, then cut off any extra material and throw away what you don’t need.
  4. Take the adhesive side of the overgrip and put it in place on one side of your racquet handle starting at its center. This is important because when you stretch out the rest of the grip to wrap around both ends, it should be about one inch shorter than when you first placed it in position – this will help keep it from bunching up.
  5. Now, starting at the center of the grip, use your other hand to stretch it out and wrap it tightly around the racquet handle. Make sure that you overlap it on all four sides as you wrap it around.
  6. Once you’ve reached the end, tuck in any loose material and cut off any excess with a sharp blade.
  7. Finally, use an alcohol pad to clean off the adhesive on the overgrip and your racquet handle – this will ensure that they’re both clean and ready to go.


If you’re into playing tennis, then it’s no doubt that you know the tennis accessories needed to play the sport. From shoes to racquets and even overgrips, you’re ready to hit the court with confidence!

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