What Are Megaways Slots and How Can I Win?

Like all forms of entertainment, slot games at Thor Slots Casino are constantly changing and developing with the times. The main catalyst for this is improvements in technology and changing public taste. However, the willingness of slot game developers to push the boundaries and create something new has also aided slot gaming to develop.

The Megaways Slot Concept

Some new concepts have not been as successful as others; however, this has not been the cause with Megaways slots. These are the brainchild of Big Time Gaming, and they get their name because their format creates a mega number of possible pay lines than standard slots. There are slot games out there that create a few thousand pay lines, but they are not considered to be Megaways games. Megaways slots can produce over 100,000 pay lines rather than the standard 10 to 100 on so-called normal slots.

Megaways Slot Formats

Most Megaways slots have a 6th reel added to the main gaming platform and some have another reel that runs across the main reels. This doesn’t spin in the traditional sense, instead, it slides from right to left and helps players connect reels with matching symbols. Even the traditional spinning from top to bottom of each reel is different in most Megaways slots, here the reels tend to tumble or cascade instead. If a winning sequence is landed, then the connected symbols involved, explode, and are replaced by new symbols. This acts as a base game free spin and if another winning sequence is revealed, the symbols carry on being replaced until the winning run comes to an end.

How to Win with Megaways Games

These base game-free tumbles offer players the best chance of winning, but some Megaways slots come with special features that can be triggered at any time, and these can increase player’s chances of recording a notable win whilst they wait for a bonus round to be triggered. Because there are extra reels, some Megaways slots require players to land 4 bonus symbols instead of 3, and this can seem quite daunting to those who play these games regularly.

Bonus Rounds

Megaways slot bonuses consist mostly of free spin rounds with unlimited multipliers. Every time a winning spin is recorded during the bonus rounds, the multiplier increases by 1. Multipliers are also added to any winning sequences that are triggered by an initial free spin. So, if you begin the bonus round and your 1st spin triggers 5 successive winning tumbles, then a multiplier is added to each of them, but in theory, you have only used 1 bonus spin. As with standard format slots, bonuses can be exciting because of the multipliers involved and if the bonus retriggers, then the number of multipliers that can be earned can be exceptional.

Final Thoughts

Extra reels and extra symbols do not translate into it being easier to win on Megaways games. Players still need to be wary of the RTP score and volatility ratings of these Megaways games and how hard it is to trigger a bonus round.

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