What Are The Advantages Of Penetration Testing?

Pen testing, which is also recognised as IT penetration testing, is the procedure of systematically hacking into your system to reveal as several weaknesses as possible from various entry points. The individuals who do such tests are identified as “white hat” hackers who utilise internal and external attacks on your mobile devices, network devices, intranets, wireless networks, web apps, servers and any other entry points. 

After you hack your system, they will make reports of their findings and suggest the next steps to secure your system. All companies must do penetration testing, especially after relocating their network and office, were recently attacked through ransomware or Adware, have created or updated a new company intranet, or discovered new IT security threats. Here’s a list of the advantages of performing penetration test in your system and how can it help your company.

Expose Real Threats

Penetration testers attempt to take advantage of identified weaknesses. Meaning, you have to perceive what an attacker could carry out in the “real world”. They might execute operating system commands and access sensitive data. However, they might discover findings that a theoretically high-risk vulnerability is not that dangerous due to the exploitation’s difficulty. Only an IT expert can do such kind of analysis. 

Expose Weaknesses

Pen testing can reveal current vulnerabilities in your system or network infrastructure and application configurations. Even your employees’ habits and actions that could result in malicious infiltration and data breaches are being investigated during penetration testing. Afterwards, the findings will inform you about any weakness in your security so that you’ll know what policies and recommendations would improve the overall security or which hardware and software improvements you need to consider. 

Guarantee Continuity of Your Business

To ensure that your business operations are always functioning, having network availability, access to resources, and 24/7 communication is crucial. Every disruption can adversely affect your business. Pen testing can help expose possible risks and aid to guarantee that your operations won’t suffer from a loss of accessibility or unexpected downtime. With this factor in mind, a penetration test is pretty similar to continuity audit of any businesses. 

Test the Capability of Your Cyber-Defence

You must be able to notice attacks react effectively and on time. As soon as you observe an intrusion, it’s best to begin investigation through pen testing, find the intruders, and block them, regardless if they are experts who test your protection strategy or malicious intrusions. The test result will let you know whether which actions can be done to boost your defence. 

Get A Third-Party Opinion from Experts

Once someone within your company determines a problem, your management may not be motivated to act or respond to the issue right away. Most of the time, a report from a third-party professional has a greater impact on your management, which may result in allocating extra funds. 


Regardless if your business is huge or small, data breach and threats in the system are inevitable. It’s best if all companies should do preventive measures to guarantee that their system will be risk-free and won’t have any future issues. Fortunately, you can do so with the IT experts who can perform penetration testing in your system. 

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