What are the best alcohol treatment centers?

Going to a rehabilitation facility can be overwhelming and stressful. You may feel ashamed, scared, or like you don’t belong. However, this uneasiness can be quelled by doing some research beforehand to find the best fit when it comes to a rehab facility that knows your specific needs and preferred therapy modalities.

When looking for the top-rated addiction or substance abuse facilities, there are certain actors to keep in mind. You want to choose an accredited location that has a highly qualified and educated staff, along with numerous resources, individualized therapy programs, and good ratings.

Let’s see the best rehab facilities for those who are struggling with drinking to excess or needing a drink to get through the day.

The best alcohol treatment centers

The Edge Treatment Center

The Edge Treatment center located in Orange County, California, this alcohol treatment center focuses on equipping patients with tools to reintegrate into society without turning back to drugs or alcohol. By teaching patients how to use tools for long-term rehabilitation, clients can leave this facility feeling confident about their new life.

Mercui Recovery

This multi=location spot is a luxury rehab center, offering a holistic approach to curing alcoholism in serene and peaceful locations. Focusing on stance abuse, trauma, executive treatment, and young adult issues, this Drug & Alcohol Treatment center costs between $24 and $100,000 per week.

All Points North Lodge

Located in the beautiful Colorado mountains, All Points is an alcohol treatment center that features a comprehensive wellness program to really solve the issues from all angles, focusing on mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Specializing in executive treatment, substance abuse, repressed trauma, and co-occurring disorders, this facility costs between $49 and $200,000 per month.

Aton Center

In San Diego, you can relax at this peaceful alcohol treatment center in the Encinitas hills. Specializing in substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, executive treatment, and alcohol abuse, this facility uses evidence-based practices and personalized treatment programs to help each individual with their specific needs.

Rise in Malibu

Featuring an outdoor pool with a view of the ocean, Rise in Malibu is an alcohol treatment center for the wealthy, costing between $90 and $120,000 per month. Offering en-suite private rooms, individual therapy with certified doctors, and specializing in alcohol use and substance abuse, this treatment center houses only 6 patients at one time.

Alo House Recovery

Alo House focuses on providing holistic treatment and a wide range of services to help those find their path to recovery and reintegration into society. Focusing on dealing with substance abuse for people of all ages, this alcohol treatment center costs between $42 and $64,000 per month.

Mountain Springs Recovery

If you want your rehab facility to have lovely views of the mountains of Colorado, this alcohol treatment center is the place for you. Costing $17,500 for 3 days, the price is not for the faint of heart, but this high-quality facility offers a variety of treatment approaches that can be customized to meet your unique needs when it comes to substance abuse or co-occurring disorders.

Tivah Lake Recovery

Tika is a personalized executive alcohol treatment center for those who want privatized help in an extremely secure location, offering help with depression, co-existing disorders, and alcoholism.


Finding the best alcohol treatment center for your unique needs is crucial to take that next step towards recovery. Being sober is a life-long process, and requires a rehab facility that teaches the proper skills, uses individualized therapy methods, and highly qualified doctors and specialists to help provide you with skills and tools to get your life back.

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