What are the Best Books for Preparing for MPPSC Mains Exam?

The MPPSC State Service Exam is conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission to fill various government posts. Specifically, there are two stages of this examination, the preliminary exam and the Mains examination. A candidate who clears the prelim exam will be permitted to sit for the main exam, following the IAS exam pattern. The candidate’s progress into the Mains exam will be dependent on the marks in Paper I: General Studies. The most qualified candidates who pass the Mains exam and the following process, however, are chosen for various posts in government departments.

The marks obtained in the preliminary examination are the only factors determining qualification for the Mains examination. Preliminary results do not determine a student’s ranking. A student must score 33% or higher in Paper II: Aptitude. However, only candidates who achieve qualifying marks in Paper I: General Studies will be promoted to the Mains.

Mains examinations are conducted in the written mode. Each of the six papers consists of one paper, that is, Paper I to Paper VI. In the question papers, there will be questions in both Hindi and English. During the Mains exam and the interview, the candidates are ranked based on their performance. Start your MPPSC exam preparation with BYJU’S Exam Prep.

State Engineering Service Exam (SES) is administered by MPPSC, which conducts the exam for the recruitment of Assistant Engineers. The best way to ace an exam is to make sure one is prepared well in advance by referring to the syllabus and books for MPPSC mains exam.

MPPSC 2021 Exam Preparation Tips

Those who prepare for State Civil Service examinations follow a similar syllabus and study the similar subject matter to those who prepare for National Civil Service examinations. The question paper was only slightly different in that state-based questions were more frequent.

  • For creating notes, use unbound sheets so that they can be easily updated, as well as clipped to reference books to make them more accessible.
  • You can organize your notes according to history, geography, politics, economics, etc.
  • Each topic in the news should have 5 to 10 articles that are relevant to the syllabus.
  • Recognize the local news page of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Identify at least 5 to 10 news items that are in line with the syllabus for each topic.
  • Check out the local news page for Madhya Pradesh.
  • Set up a realistic schedule that can be followed faithfully.
  • To improve your speed and accuracy, it is important to solve MPPSC Practice Papers periodically.
  • Occasionally conduct a self-analysis on the syllabus and your preparation method and quality.
  • I would recommend completing NCERT before attempting any other books.
  • Study in-depth at least four months before the preliminary exam so that you are ready for both the preliminary and main exams.
  • Hence, it is crucial that you follow a routine lifestyle during this exam in order to manage your time well.

Best Books for MPPSC Mains Exam

Below is a list of MPPSC books for candidates to review:

  • M. Laxmikant’s Indian Polity
  • Rajiv Ahir’s Spectrum for Modern Indian History
  • The textbooks used in state board school classes (classes 11 & 12) are available to candidates for Economics. Candidates enrolled in streams other than commerce may be required to read books such as Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy (11th Edition) or Sanjiv Verma’s Indian Economy.

Preparing for MPPSC Prelims and Mains with these books is beneficial. To get reference book suggestions for MPPSC Exam 2021, BYJU’s Exam Prep. During the preliminary stage of the MPPSC Exam, there will also be a General Aptitude Test. The following books can be used to prepare for that test:

  • RS Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
  • Using Rajesh Verma’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

As with other state and central government exams, MPPSC shares a lot in common with IAS and other government exams. You will be prepared for other competitive recruitment exams in Madhya Pradesh if you prepare well and review the syllabus thoroughly.

Understand the MPPSC exam pattern and prepare a subject-wise preparing strategy for the MPPSC Mains Exam 2021. Get the best book associated with each subject to cover the entire syllabus in no time. Sort out the best books and prepare your study notes for easy learning and quick reference. Hard work is important, but you also need smart work.

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