What are the Charges for a Demat Account in Kotak Securities?

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In today’s trading world, the Demat account has simplified an investor’s life. The entire procedure of investing, holding, and monitoring has been made simple, and

Because of fewer charges in the Demat accounts, trading has become more popular and accessible for all clients.

Everything is taken care of by just passing instructions to your Depository Participant from your home; even in your work life, you can care less about your stock holding and do other pressing things in your life

In the case of the Demat account, there are small charges which come around. These Demat account charges may come in the form of account opening, security, function, and maintenance.

With more competition between brokers and banks, Demat facilities are becoming more reliable and easy to handle. Many DPs are decreasing Charges for Demat accounts based on their discount and offers for their investor.

Documents Required For Demat Account.

To open a Demat account, you will require Proof of identity, proof of address, and a passport-sized photograph.

Brokerage firms and banks made a remarkable point by making two-in-one and three-in-one accounts for trading. Such accounts make the investor’s life easy and make trading faster and properly managed. All the transactions are made through these integrated accounts under one common platform.

Charges For Demat Account.

1. Demat account opening charges.


Opening charges vary from Rs.700/- to Rs.900/-, depending upon different banks. Most of the banks are charging much less to encourage more traders to open accounts in their respective banks.

2. Demat Account Safety Or Custodian Charges.

It is a one-time charge to the depository, and the amount of this charge is not high. Some DPs provide fewer monthly custodian fees. The charges normally are in the range of Re.0.5 and Re.1 for each ISIN (International Securities Identification Number).

3. Demat Annual Maintenance Charges.

An annual maintenance charge is from Rs.300/- to Rs.900/- per annum. These charges are paid in advance after opening a Demat account. Some DP’s offer lifetime fees, starting from Rs. 2000/- and more. There are many offers related to charges for the Demat account maintenance like a one-year exemption for new Demat account holders.

4. Demat Account Transaction Charges.

Demat account transaction charges are a nominal fee each time financial securities are bought and sold from your Demat account. These Charges for the Demat account are on a monthly basis. The transaction fees differ depending upon the transactions.

Some DPs charge only when securities are debited, while some charge based on your number of buying and selling securities throughout the entire month.

What’s Your Demat Account Number?

The Demat account number is a mix of 16 characters. For CDSL- all characters are numeric and for the NSDL, the first two characters are IN, while the rest are numerical. When the whole 16 digits are broken into two parts, the first 8 digits are the DP ID and the last 8 digits are the Client ID respectively.

Best Offer & Service for Opening a Demat Account.

Kotak Securities offers a free Demat account. Apart from free account opening charges,   Kotak Securities offers free intraday trades in all segments, flat fees on F&O trades & Equity, and a commodity delivery at just 0.25%. Charges for Demat accounts in Kotak Securities are competitive and low.

More Offers and reliable services are available at Kotak Securities. Visit the FastPeopleSearch website and create your Demat account now.

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