What Are the Different Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Targeted Landing Page?

Now that you have already poured your hours of hard work and creativity into drafting the best landing page ever, did you also think of ways to drive more traffic to your page? I agree, that you must have formatted the page so well, and have also added amazing visuals too, but that’s not just enough! 

It is absolutely critical to understand the mindset of your audience, and the way they would want to engage with your content. This is where the role of the Digital marketing agency comes into the picture. Once you are successful in identifying the traffic sources, promoting your landing page via various digital channels would become easier for you than it ever was! 

The basic purpose of a landing page is to drive the conversions and leads. You would find a definite Call to Action (CTA) mentioned over there in the form of digital campaigns. There could be several CTAs based on the motto of the creator, and it may include anything among that of signing a newsletter to that of opting for a free trial, or maybe, completing a purchase. 

Well, in order to get enough response, you would at first send the traffic to your landing page and once they are convinced about your value addition proposal, they will surely proceed onto the CTAs.

Now that you have already built a strong landing page with a clear CTA and an intuitive navigation, here are a few tactics that would help you to drive more traffic to the targeted landing page:

  • Launching email newsletters

An email is the one of the most effective tools used by most of the brands to reach out to their targeted set of consumers, and then drive them back to the targeted landing page. 

In a recent study being conducted by Adobe, it was found out that most users spend 5 hours approximately surfing through their mail boxes, and thus, all you need is to draft a sweet and simple subject that would catch the attention of your users and ensure the fact that they open up your mail despite having a crowded inbox. 

  • Do guest blogging on relevant websites

Now that you have started working on a niche, it is important to understand the market leaders in that particular industry. Once you have discovered different websites that are doing amazing in their respective fields, and are relevant to your creation, start to do guest posts on them. Make sure that you have read the comments, as well as, the interests and the audience behaviors too! 

Once you have noted the names of the websites that are doing great, and are having a fair amount of traffic, start pitching your ideas for guest posts to them. Now, you should certainly add the link of your landing page, or the CTAs within your guest blog, so as to attract the readers towards your website. 

  • A well-written content

No matter how good you are at the technical aspects, value addition is what matters the most! A content that would touch your audience’s heart will surely be able to convey the brand message rightly. Most SEO companies focus on optimizing the ads and referrals to tease your value proposition. Consequently, it is essential to note that you are not sharing too much of the information at a time that it becomes frustrating for the readers to bear! 

Besides, one should also take care of the fact that the content of the landing page matches with that of the referral content. Most experts recommend scripting the content of the landing page in such a way that it strikes the reader emotionally on his or her pain points, thereby describing the benefits and advantages of your product or service at the first place without stating too much about just the features which would not make enough sense. 

  • Using search advertising

Creating ads that will show up on the search pages results is too essential. Pay per click (PPC) advertising or paid search is one of the best ways to ensure that your keywords are ranking at the top of the search engine. A lot of brands usually bid on these keywords to drive traffic onto their website against a specific price levied per click. 

  • Partner with the influencers

Advertisers often tend to partner with the influencers or the ‘digital gurus’ who have got enough followers on a specific niche. Since they have a good fan base within the community, it becomes easier for an advertiser to expand the reach, as well as, build user generated content that will help gather confidence of the first-time audience into your brand. 

Also, brand recommendation is vital as that will help the users recognise your brand credibility and mark your product or service to be ‘superior’ than the rest in the market. 

  • Internal linking is essential

The process of adding hyperlinks to direct the users to other pages of the website is called ‘internal linking.’ It is regarded as one of the best practices that you can ever do, so as to keep the users on your website for a longer span of time. 

Also, it is the trick through which you can introduce certain contents to your readers which they would otherwise might not have witnessed by themselves. Internal linking improves the overall SEO value of your website. 

  • More engagement means more business!

Your social media presence plays a significant role here! You must not miss an opportunity to engage with the users, be it on the social media posts, comment sections, or maybe, on different forums such as “Quora.” 

However, the secret over here is to post authentic content that would truly add some value to the readers instead of just spamming the entire section with links to your landing page. Try to be honest and informative so that your audience shows an interest to know more about your brand, and thus, establish trust on you!

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