What Are the Different Types of Easter Bunny?

There are many different types of Easter bunny that you can buy. Some are airblown and some are Giant. You can also get a cute yellow chick or a Minnie Mouse with a pink egg.


If you’re looking for an Easter decoration for your yard, an inflatable easter bunny is a popular option. The inflatable bunny is easy to set up and can be a great addition to any Easter celebration.

An inflatable Easter bunny is easy to inflate and deflate for easy storage. Inflatable bunnies are also perfect for staging family photo ops. They’re ideal for decorating a front porch or garden bench and are sure to bring enjoyment to the kids in your household.

Another favorite inflatable is an Easter Bunny in a pink basket with an Easter egg. This inflatable is fun for children of all ages. It’s easy to inflate and deflate and is guaranteed to bring joy to your neighborhood.

For a newer addition to the inflatable family, there’s the Easter Bunny Egg Car. With a six and a half foot height, this Easter inflatable will draw attention to your yard and bring good cheer to your community. You can even add an additional two eggs to the car for more fun!


If you’re looking for a way to make your Easter a little more fun and exciting for everyone in the family, you should look into purchasing an Airblown Easter Bunny. This four foot tall inflatable bunny is perfect for decorating your lawn and yard and makes for an awesome gift for the kiddos on your list.

For the best possible results, you should clean this airblown Easter Bunny with a damp cloth or mild detergent. After you’re done, you should let it dry for a couple of days before you pop it up. Then, you can plug it in and enjoy the fun.

The best thing about the Airblown Easter Bunny is that it is super easy to use. It comes with a UL-approved adaptor and stakes, making set-up a snap. You can also deflate it for easy storage.

One of the coolest features of the Airblown Easter Bunny is that you can actually see it blow up. Inflating it takes a mere few seconds.

Happy Easter Yellow Chick

If you’re on the hunt for an Easter inflatable that will please the crowd, you might want to consider this one. It’s also a great way to add some springtime fun to your yard. The best part is, you can assemble it in just a few minutes. A well-placed inflatable can help you create an unforgettable holiday scene.

The Happy Easter Yellow Chick Inflatable is a big and bouncy bunny. As you can see from the picture, it’s a lot of fun for your family. It’s eight feet tall and fifteen feet long, and has two cars, two Easter chicks, and an assortment of colorful eggs. There’s also a lot to be said about the LED lights that come with it.

The best part is, the Happy Easter Yellow Chick Inflatable is made from a durable nylon material that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It’s also a breeze to put together, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your family’s face.

Minnie Mouse with Pink Egg

The Airblown Inflatable Minnie Mouse is a great way to decorate your home and garden for the Easter season. It comes with everything you need to set up a fun and festive outdoor display. A big pink egg is the focal point of this lovely Easter decoration. With this inflatable, you’ll be able to bring a smile to everyone who sees it. This inflatable is easy to set up and is sure to bring some cheer to your family.

Another wonderful inflatable for the Easter holiday is the Easter Bunny in Pink Basket. It stands four feet tall and is perfect for decorating your garden or indoor display. It holds a pink basket full of Easter eggs and is dressed in a blue bow tie.

There is also a great new inflatable for the holiday, the Easter Bunny Egg Car. This car is seven feet long and six and a half feet tall. It features a large colorful egg in the front and a polka dot Mickey Mouse in the back.

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