What Are the Options for Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

Since alcohol addiction is one of the biggest addiction problems in the world, its become the focus of numerous studies into potential treatments and cures. If you are looking for an alcoholism treatment program, then there are several highly effective programs that have been proven to work. Although none of them are “magic bullets,” anyone who has become dependent on alcohol is twice as likely to succeed in breaking the addiction with the help of a program

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So, which addiction treatment program is right for you? There is no hard and fast rule for what treatment program will work best for you. It really depends on your dependency on alcohol and your own individual personality. Here are some of the most effective alcoholism treatment programs.

3 Step Process of Intervention

This is particularly effective for people who are in denial about their problem, and if you know someone whom you would like to help, then this alcohol addiction can work very well. The 3 step process involves intervention, detoxification, and rehabilitation. Many alcohol treatment centers use this process.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Probably the best know and most effective treatment for alcoholics worldwide, it has at its base the concept of reconnecting with yourself and finding yourself again. Since alcoholics lose touch with themselves and reality, the group interaction and support network makes this a very good program that’s helped millions of people who are alcohol dependent.

Motivation Enhancement Therapy (MET)

This type of alcohol addiction treatment is usually led by a qualified psychologist, and the focus is on helping the patient find a reason to stop drinking. This is very powerful because one of the main problems that alcoholics face is having enough and strong enough motivation to be sober.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

This type of therapy is focused on finding the root cause of the problem and dealing with it there. Since drinking is usually the result of some other problem, it can be very effective to deal with this cause as a way of stopping.

Once someone genuinely wants to be free from alcohol, treatment can begin, and today there are more treatment options available to those who are suffering from alcoholism. Traditionally Alcoholics Anonymous has been the first port of call, and many still see it as the most effective treatment. The problem is that it offers very little professional guidance, and it is basically run by ex-alcoholics helping each other out.

Professional treatment centers are equipped to provide state-of-the-art treatment to make the process as quick and effective as possible. By combining medical treatments with therapy, a patient can get personal attention from trained experts who can make the difference between alcoholism and sobriety for many.

Different treatment centers run different alcoholism treatment programs, but for the most part, the patient will go through a physical detox that goes hand in hand with therapy and even group work to help him or her work through the real issues that are at the root cause of the problem.

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