What Are the Types of Apostille Stamps in India?

Many students or people go to foreign countries with a certification that is being used to authenticate documents and this certification is known as an apostille. Apostille is an internationally accepted form through which the process of authentication becomes simpler between people of different countries. The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for apostille in India. As every document has certain stamps, apostille has some stamps, which will be discussed in this article.

List of Apostille Stamps

1. Educational Documents

If you want to authenticate your educational documents like diplomas, degree certificates, transcripts, and many more academic-related certificates then you need to use the educational documents apostille stamp India. This stamp needs to be attached to the original document or a genuine copy of the document. This Apostille stamp is generally needed for those students who want to take admitted to foreign colleges or work in a foreign company.

2. Non-Educational Documents

All documents are not for educational purposes, so some non-educational documents like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and all other necessary legal documents. For these documents, you need to have a non-educational apostille stamp which will be attached to the original document, or a valid copy of the document. You only require this type of document and stamps when you are planning to migrate or work in foreign countries.

3. Commercial Documents

Apart from educational and non-educational, there are some commercial documents like bills of sale, invoices, and other related documents of businesses. In this type of document, you need to add a specific Apostille stamp on the original document or a certified copy of it. These types of documents come in scenarios when you are planning to start your business in foreign countries.

4. Apostille Stamp by MEA

The Apostille Stamp of MEA is only assigned by the Ministry of External Affairs of India. You will require this apostille stamp when you want to authenticate all your documents in foreign countries. Similarly, it is attached to the original document or a valid copy of the document.

5. State Authentication Department

The Apostille stamp of the State Authentication Department is only issued by the State Government of India. This stamp will help you in the authentication process of foreign countries. You can attach it with the original document or a certified copy of it. It is given by state-level authorities like State Home Department, State Education Board, State Secretariat, and other state authorities.

6. Embassy Apostille Stamp

Embassy apostille stamps are only given by the embassy or consulate of that particular foreign country where you want to use those documents. This Apostille stamp will only be attached to your original or copy of the document if your authentication process is completed by MEA or State Authentication Department.


Apostille stamps are one of the most important parts of foreign documents for authentication purposes. People with an Apostille stamp on their document can work easily in foreign countries or students can get their education without facing any challenges from the government of those countries. In case of some confusion, you can consult your professional lawyers.

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