What Are The Unexpected Dangers of Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors have so many benefits. Installing one in your home or business has made it stress-free for everyone, especially when your hands are full. Just like every other product of technology, automated doors also have inherent downsides.

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If you’re looking to install an automatic door in your office or home, this article gives you a heads-up on the dangers of automatic doors. Keep reading.

Unexpected Dangers of Automatic Doors

Here are common hazards encountered by customers when using an automated door.

1. Getting Trapped

Users can get trapped in an automatic revolving or sliding door, which is a common problem when there is more than one automated door in a building.

Getting trapped can be traced to the failure of door sensors or power outages.

After installing an automatic door, it is important that it is regularly serviced and bugs are fixed. Also, provide a standby power supply for doors that work with electricity.

2. Collision

This may not cause severe injury. For automatic doors with sensors placed on the ground or by their side, there can be a malfunction that can cause a delay when opening or closing.

A user can approach the door in a hurry, expecting that it will open, but in the end, get bruised on the nose or face. Sensors should be tested and placed at the right spot where users can be captured on time.

3. Having Fingers Locked

This is common among children; they get excited and push the door without caution, and their fingers can get stuck in the door. This is common with revolving and sliding doors.

This is a major injury and can result in a lawsuit or damages. The best way to avoid this is by placing a warning at the door prohibiting pushing or touching the door. As a user, be cautious when walking in with your child.

4. Getting Crushed

Automatic doors have greatly benefited people with a disability and the aged. On the hand, a malfunctioning sensor can cause an injury to a user when the panel closes on them before getting through the door.

Proper checks should be done on the sensors. The speed limit should be moderate and suitable for users despite their physical condition.

5. Static Doors

This feature occurs when the door remains permanently open or closed. For security reasons, this is a bad experience. The cause of this could be traced to the sensors or debris stuck on the door panel. Hence, always check for debris stuck on door edges and regularly clean the doors.

6. Maintenance Measures

To avoid encountering any hazards at your business place, here are tips to abide by.

Purchase an automated door with a breakaway feature that allows you to leave the premises in case of a power outage. Such a feature requires that you carefully push the door as you do with a manual one.

Hire a computer engineer to run tests on your devices and also ensure you have an antivirus running.

Lastly, keep to regular servicing and maintenance, advisably, monthly.