What Countertops Can You Have in a Dark Kitchen?

Everyone likes something different, which is why it’s great that there are so many design styles to pick from when it comes to your kitchen. You might, for example, like the idea of installing darker kitchen cabinets. They can offer a sleek and sophisticated look and they are practical as well, as they don’t show up so much dirt.

However, if you want darker cabinets, what can you do with your countertop? What choices should you make? Read on for some help.

Opt for Contrast

If you have dark kitchen cabinets, one great idea when it comes to your kitchen countertops is to choose a lighter, contrasting color. At Legacy Countertops, you can see a wide range of countertop designs that would fit this description, so there will likely be something that works for the ideas you have.

By using lighter countertops to contrast with darker cabinets, you can brighten the overall look of the kitchen without detracting from the style you wanted in the first place. If you have overhead cabinets as well as lower ones, having that lighter color in the middle of them can ensure every element stands out.

Try Gold

Gold is an unusual color to choose for a kitchen and it may not be on your list of potential ideas, but it can work very well with a darker cabinet design, so it’s worth considering.

You don’t have to have an entirely gold countertop (although this is possible, and it’s always your choice). You could simply have a lighter color design with added gold elements. Perhaps you choose marble with gold flecks or maybe you want to have a mosaic design that incorporates a gold tile here and there.

The great thing about gold is that it is a warm tone, so even if you want to use it to brighten up a dark kitchen, you can still have that welcoming look you intended.

Bright White

We mentioned contrast above, and if you like this idea, then bright white countertops are the ideal solution. This is an obvious contrasting choice if you have black cabinets, but white can be used in a variety of ways, and it will work with gray cabinets or even warm wood effects.

The great thing about white countertops is that they will match with anything at all, so even if you choose or need to change your cabinets or overall design in the future, your countertops can stay as they are. This is particularly useful if you purposefully chose long-lasting materials in the first place as you won’t be wasting any money replacing perfectly good countertops.

Stay Dark

If you want a dark color scheme for your kitchen, why not choose a dark countertop? You don’t have to brighten things up, and if you have plenty of natural light coming into the room, you might even want to make things darker so the room is more comfortable to be in – sometimes things can just be too bright.

A dark countertop to match with dark cabinets is something you need to think carefully about, as you’ll either need a complete match or a complete contrast – something that nearly matches will look odd and unintentional.