If you are injured in an automobile accident, your no-fault insurance will immediately pay for your damages, regardless of who was at blame. Unfortunately, the harm and injuries brought on by many auto accidents far exceed the limits of this insurance. Therefore, accident victims who sustain injuries are required to submit a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver, which may lead to a settlement or a trial.

The actions you take in the aftermath of a severe auto accident, particularly when it wasn’t your fault, significantly impact whether or not you are successful in your accident injury claim.

Seek medical attention immediately

Emergency services will probably show up at the scene of a severe collision. Just because you cannot see an injury does not mean you have not sustained one. It is in your best interest to allow a doctor to check you over for automobile accident injuries.

Also, medical records of your injuries are crucial evidence For the benefit of the court and the insurance company. Your lawyer may also utilize your medical records to improve the settlement terms or increase the amount of damages claimed in a lawsuit.

Consult an attorney before interacting with an insurance provider.

It’s usual to be unsure of what to do after an automobile accident that wasn’t your fault. Following a traumatic collision, knowing who to speak to and trust can be challenging. However, always consult a Hudson car accident lawyer before interacting with the auto insurance provider.

You should have faith in law enforcement to carry out their duties. No matter who was at fault, you should respond to any inquiries they may have concerning the accident. However, you should avoid speaking with representatives from insurance companies, especially those speaking on behalf of the other motorist. They could appear pleasant and make you a tempting settlement offer, but don’t take it at face value.

Request a copy of the incident report.

Before the officer completes reporting the accident and uploads it to Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) system, you will probably have to wait a week or two. Make sure to get this police report for your records because it will be necessary. You can access the FHP accident report online by entering basic information about the crash, such as the date, ZIP code, and the car’s VIN.

Submit a Claim for Insurance Under Your Florida PIP Policy

To comply with the state’s no-fault insurance rules, Florida Statute 627.736 mandates that anybody registering a vehicle maintain a $10,000 minimum coverage for property damage liability and personal injury protection (PIP). You will be compensated for a portion of your economic damages by your PIP auto insurance provider, regardless of the seriousness of your accident and injuries.

Victims who reach or exceed the PIP policy limits should turn to other sources of compensation to receive the entire loss amount. The best action is to speak with a vehicle accident lawyer who can assist you in claiming the at-fault driver’s insurance policy and maybe filing a personal injury lawsuit if an insurance settlement isn’t enough to cover your damages.

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