What Do You Need for Making Easy Kratom Tea?

Kratom users, as well as those who are planning to take kratom, have a wide array of choices in which form they could take kratom. They may take kratom as encapsulated pills or directly smoke kratom leaves using their piping tubes. 

However, some people opt to take kratom by processing the leaves and brewing them into tea. 

This article will explore how to make kratom tea for you to enjoy. Keep reading to find out more information.

What is Kratom Tea? Is it Safe to Drink?

As the phrase suggests, kratom tea is the type of tea that is traditionally made by brewing kratom leaves reaped from its tree. It is made from kratom leaves that are soaked and boiled in boiling water. 

Kratom tea remains one of the most prevalent ways of taking kratom in the United States. 

Like other forms of kratom, kratom tea is safe to drink. A lot of kratom tea users have given positive feedback about their tea.

Kratom tea and other kratom-based products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but those who have had poor experiences with kratom tea may have acquired the improper dose of kratom in the first place.

Thus, the safety of kratom still highly relies on the user’s responsibility. 

What is Kratom Tea good for? Generally, the effects of kratom tea may differ based on the dosage taken by the kratom user. When taken at a lower dose, kratom tea yields impulse and sedative effects. 

On the other hand, kratom users who have taken kratom tea at a higher amount noted the pain relief they experienced after drinking the tea. 

The effect may be likened to the effects of morphine or codeine, pain-killing drugs that are often used in hospital emergency rooms. 

Meanwhile, kratom users who seemed to have brewed the kratom tea way too strong felt a state of euphoria or an uplifting feeling after drinking the tea. Besides this, no unfavorable reports regarding the adverse effects of kratom tea were encountered. 

If you want an alternative to caffeine to start your daily mornings, you may want to switch to drinking kratom tea. In any case, kratom tea delivers the sound effects of drinking coffee without experiencing jitteriness or shakiness after. 

How to Make Kratom Tea?

Before we learn how to prepare kratom tea, we need to prepare several ingredients. The ingredients may seem overwhelming, but they sure are easy to find. 

Are you ready? In making kratom tea, you need: kratom leaves, leaves of kratom, leaves reaped from kratom trees, pieces of kratom leaves, and kratom leaves. Yes, you heard it right! All you need are some pieces of kratom leaves, and you are good to go.

Prepare the Kratom Leaves you Have Gathered

Although some people may prefer fresh kratom leaves, you may want to leave them out first to dry for better results. Let the leaves dry until they turn brown and their shape begins to curl or roll.

Hand Crushes Your Kratom Leaves

If you are using kratom leaves that are already crushed, you will still need to strain the leaves using metal strainers when brewing. 

On the other hand, whole-leaf kratom must be overcome before using a straining device like standard tea balls or thermos with metal filters. 

With your fingers, crush your whole-leaf kratom leaves and hear the crunching sound in every crush. At this point, the aroma of the leaves begins to rise in the air. 

Boil Some Water for Your Tea

After preparing your kratom leaves, you are now ready to brew. Like any other tea, you will need hot water. If you are using a stovetop for boiling, you may brew your tea by simmering the kratom leaves. 

If a thermos comes to be your choice and the device available for your tea, you can directly pour the boiling water into the thermos and let it sit for a few minutes before adding the strained leaves. 

If you are brewing your leaves using a tea ball filter, you are going to have to brew the tea over the stove. 

Among these devices, the thermos with metal strainers will probably work best for you.

Pour Your Hot Water Onto the Crushed Leaves, Then Strain

After both your hot water and kratom leaves have been set, it is time to pour the hot water onto the leaves. Let it sit still for a few minutes before straining while pouring it into the cup. 

Now, you can enjoy your homemade kratom tea. 

Tips and Tricks When Making Kratom Tea

The following are some valuable tips and tricks for preparing kratom tea:

Remember to Pour Hot Water, Not Boil

Most people have the misconception of directly pouring boiling water onto the leaves. Instead, they should let the boiling water sit before pouring it over the dry leaves. 

Boiling the leaves may risk losing the active alkaloid compounds in your kratom leaves.

Consider Adding an Acid

This step was not included among the steps in making kratom tea as it is optional. Despite having a good reputation for stability when exposed to hot environments or high temperatures, there are still minimal risks of the active alkaloid compounds degenerating. 

Adding an acid, such as lemon or apple cider vinegar, can protect the leaves from breaking down their alkaloid compounds. 

Find the Correct Dose

Regarding the other forms of kratom, you need to figure out the correct dosage your body will accept. To safely enjoy your kratom tea, you may want to start with small servings and gradually increase it per week. 


Due to the false information and lack of knowledge, many people still find it hard to believe kratom’s numerous benefits and advantages. 

To avoid the possible adverse effects of kratom intake, the person must be responsible, especially in establishing the correct dosage for their body.

Following the safety procedures and applying knowledge when taking kratom mitigates the possibility of negative results.