What Does Branding Psychology Say About Your Business?

Branding goes hand in hand with psychology. Your brand is a combination of the choices you make regarding appearance, style, and tone. They exhibit your brand personality in the following ways.


When thinking about business branding, color is often the first thing most people think about.

The relationship between color and emotion has been well-established. These are patterns rather than laws since everyone has somewhat different connections based on their life experiences.

  • Red stands for boldness, energy, and excitement
  • Purple stands for serenity and creativity
  • Green represents the environment and tranquility
  • Orange means confidence and fun
  • Yellow represents hope and positivity
  • Blue is for strength and dependability

Outside of this, the colors you choose have significance for your specific business. For instance, blue can be a typical choice for a bank yet unusual for a bookshop.

What is commonplace for companies in your industry? Your brand’s colors will communicate something about who you are as a company, whether you adhere to the existing standards or break the mold with a novel strategy.


We are big font nerds who could go on and on about how to incorporate them in branding for eternity. Since font styles have such a deep cultural history, they may significantly affect how people see you. These are a few font branding ideas to think about:

Multiple Fonts or Single Font?

Using many fonts at once adds vitality and may even make things appear a touch busy. This gives the impression that a brand is full of ideas and constantly offers something fresh. By using a single typeface throughout, you’ll come out as collected, decisive, and intentional, with a no-nonsense attitude toward getting things done.

Sans Serif or Serif Fonts?

Serif fonts are gorgeous, timeless, and have a sense of authority and history. Sans serif fonts are more contemporary, minimalist, and slightly hip. Think about Helvetica against Times New Roman.

Decorative and Script-Style Fonts

You can produce a current retro look or a timeless, classic vibe using ornamental or script fonts. Additionally, a handwriting-like style might give off a more relaxed, personal vibe depending on your font.

Illustration Styles

An illustration is one of the most expressive components of design, and each artist has their unique style when it comes to creating editorial or creative artwork. Having said that, there are a few patterns that apply to most businesses. When it comes to digital illustration, there are two main styles:

  • Curvy, stylish digital vector brand illustrations are contemporary, entertaining, and eye-catching. They are often associated with technology and innovation and are a go-to for startups. Flat colors and clear lines are features of this design, which is commonly applied in infographics. Vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator CC may be simply modified for print, online, and mobile-friendly designs.
  • As opposed to this, the hand-drawn digital illustration style uses lines, hatching, and shading to highlight a human factor in your company and indicate originality and artisan skill.

Although any art, from collage to watercolor, can also be used in your brand, selecting analog over digital will typically give your company a more traditional, handcrafted look.

Tone of Voice

The manner in which you say something is just as important as what you choose to say in terms of voice tone.

Informal Tone

Do you use contractions in your branding content (isn’t, we’ll)? Do you use the first person instead of the third when referring to your business? (Example: “We started out…” rather than “Pty Company Ltd. was established…”) If that’s the case, your tone of voice is more relaxed. This affable manner makes you more approachable to potential clients.


Using poetic and witty language is a common tonal strategy, but it may be challenging to carry off because what one person finds amusing is another person’s ridiculous. But if you succeed in doing this, people will perceive you as intelligent, friendly, and capable.


Some people use short sentences and let visuals take center stage, and you let your product speak for itself. Your tone of voice gives off confidence and quality.

Be Consistent

Branding can be likened to a football game in that every player has an important role to play, and they all have to collaborate to win. To ensure that your “team” of branding components is working optimally, ensure they are all present whenever and wherever they are needed.

So, even if your design is spot-on and your tone of voice is spot-on, if your font selections are erratic and unorganized, you’re not going to have a winning combo. Similarly, your brand identity won’t always be apparent if you have wonderfully branded labels, but your website design isn’t instantly recognizable.

Now that you understand the fundamentals of branding psychology, why not incorporate them into your custom packaging to spread the word? Contact professional packaging designers to get the best solution for your brand and business.

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