What Does It Take to Ensure High-Quality Translations Every Time

Do you want to know what it really takes to make sure you receive high-quality translations for your various projects every single time? You have come to the right place. Here are a few tips for maintaining quality and consistency. 

Select the Correct Translator for Each Product

Right off the bat, ensure that you select a professional and qualified translator who happens to be a native speaker. You can also engage the services of a professional Chinese translation agency that has native speakersYou can also engage the services of a professional translation agency that has native speakers. Only they have the expertise to convey your text’s essence in their native language. Be sure to provide the translating agency or translator with a detailed and clear brief regarding your expectations:

  • Editorial preferences: tone, style, writing rules, terminology, and so forth
  • Context: Who are you, and what is your objective? What exactly is your target? 

Plus, it is best to select a certified, accredited and experienced translator with specialization in your niche or in the type of content that you would like to get translated. As a case to point, if you seek translation for a white paper on different social media platforms, ensure that you choose a translator who has ample experience in social media. Moreover, if you would like to translate particular content that has something to do with existing events, select a native translator from the precise region in question. Ensure they have full knowledge of local news and keep updated at all times.

Seeking Help with Your Translation Projects Management 

Sometimes it is not possible for you to check the work quality you have received when you get some text translated. This is particularly true when you have to translate the content into a certain language that no one in your organization is familiar with. In that case, it can be incredibly helpful to have the support of a project manager for the translation project. They can assist you in several ways like: 

  • Drafting the brief
  • Forming a dedicated team of native language and professional translators who have ample experience in translating
  • Building glossaries
  • Making sure that native speakers carry out the proofreading tasks
  • Search Engine Optimization of the text you want to get translated

Leverage Translation Technologies

While it is true that translation is primarily a job for human beings, many advanced translation technologies (support) are available that can assist translators in delivering relevant and correct translations. These apps/software also ensure that the translated content aligns with the style and message of your company.

Another benefit of such technologies is that you can save a lot of precious time of your company and the translators. They slash down your translation expenses by a significant degree as well. 

Interactive glossaries are one such technology that you can use. 


Interactive Glossary

Such a glossary puts together a set of technologies pertinent to a certain translation project, like particular words specific to that industry/niche, technical terms that the organization uses, and so forth. The glossary indexes these terminologies in their source language in addition to their translations in the targeted languages.

You can share this database (multilingual in nature) with all the professional translators (or translating agency) collaborating on that project. That means you can make sure that you are able to translate particular terms in the same manner across your different texts and by different qualified translators. 

With the useful tips mentioned above, you can almost guarantee that all your translations will always be of the highest quality with no errors or mistakes. So, if you are looking for a translation agency that can ensure quality and consistency in all your translation projects, contact Circle translations. They provide their clients with high-quality services. Thus, you can trust them with all your translation needs.

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