What Does Your Bra Tell About Your Personality?

While picking a bra, have you ever thought that a bra is not only about feeling comfortable but the kind of bra you select speaks volumes about your personality and the kind of person you will attract? Well, here is a good piece of news the next time you select a bra for yourself, you will know what is your personality.

There are many bra shops in Melbourne but Illusions Lingerie is the only lingerie store that offers an exceptional range of bras to suit your personality. The lingerie store offers a range of bras, briefs, sleepwear, shapewear, loungewear and to fit any figure and any style. They stock a huge range of bras ranging from cups a to J and offer fittings in their store as well as ship everywhere in Australia through their online store. Whether it is your first bra, a maternity bra, or just a new style, Illusions Lingerie will help you to find the perfect style and fit to suit your personality and needs.

Push up bra

If you like wearing push-up bras then you are someone who makes the most of the best opportunities that come your way. This bra heightens your cleavage when you are ready for an eventful night. Your confidence and perfectionism attract bold, ambitious, and fearless people.


This sexy bra is in trend in different lacy and vibrant ones. Wearing them means there is something positive and easy-going about you hence, you will attract people who are jovial, and kind and believe that sharing is caring.

Strappy bra

These are exceptionally comfortable and stylish bras and women preferring this style are playful, confident, adventurous, energetic, unique, and inspirational. This is all that needs someone to get attracted to you and a person with the same zeal and energy can cope with you.

Sheer lace bra

This bra is nothing but sexy. If you prefer this bra, you would do anything to ensure that your sex life is intense and amazing. You do not hesitate to talk about your sexuality and fantasies. Hence, you attract honest people who are upfront while talking about their sex and deepest desires. Also, you will have a sizzling chemistry with the person.

Bustier bra

You like stylish and sexy outfits but just like a bustier bra, you have a hideous personality that does not reveal much. However, it is still oozing with mystique and sexiness. The right person will find the real you and steal your heart.

Sports bra

If you are fond of wearing a sports bra quite often then you love being practical and always prefer being comfortable. You are hardworking and ambitious with an active lifestyle while displaying the strength you have. Your man will be carried away by your strong personality.

Standard comfortable bra

You don’t overthink much as you are the most chilled-out person and love whatever life has to offer. Being sexy means being yourself so you don’t try hard to look sexy. Your man will appreciate your personality just the way you are.

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