What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

Sleep is the last thing you should compromise. A good night’s sleep is something that keeps you mentally and physically fit as well as affects your skin significantly. ~ Skin Beauty Pal

For a comfortable sleep time, we all have our preferences. Sleeping position is one of the most individualistic qualities that is unique to each one of us. While you make yourself comfortable in the bed, we bet you would have thought that your sleep position actually has a lot of meaning attached to it. Yes, the way you sleep through the night actually says a lot about you. Let’s find out!

Side sleeping

One of the most common sleeping positions, side sleeping is very beneficial for overall health. However, it is said that people who sleep on their sides are usually extroverts with war, nature. They are also firm when it comes to decision-making.

Stomach sleeping

Not a recommended sleeping position but many of us find it very comfortable to sleep on our stomachs. You might get back pain with your stomach sleeping but not necessarily. However, people who sleep on their stomachs are known to be sociable with certain dislikes, for example, stomach sleepers are never open to criticism. They consider themselves socially superior.

Sleeping on the stomach also exposes the face to the pillow which means more breakouts and irritation on the skin.

Back Sleeping

A comfortable sleeping position, back sleeping is associated with relief in sleep apnea and back pain. People who sleep on their backs are usually trustworthy. They are more outgoing and also healthy.

Fetal position

Sleeping like a baby is not just a phrase but many of us sleep in the fetal position (knees bent towards the chest). Fetal sleeping position is more common in women and has its own benefits. People with this type of sleeping position have a great heart but are highly shy and introverted.

Starfish sleeping position

If you sleep with both your arms thrown up, on the pillow, you make a starfish. This sleeping position is common in men and is associated with traits like selflessness and reliability.


Cuddling shows affection and love but for most of us, sleeping in a cuddle all through the night is impossible. Well, not for some people. Cuddlers prefer sleeping close to others. This shows the traits of dependability and lack of trust.

Different sleeping positions are associated with different skin & health benefits and personality traits.

What is your sleeping position?