What Features And Amenities To Look For In A Residential Complex In Bangkok?

If you are looking to find property in Bangkok, rest assured that you will be spoiled for choice. However, while you won’t have much trouble finding quality property to rent, finding the perfect home to suit your needs and requirements is a different story. 

In this article, we’re going to list all of the features and amenities that you should look out for before committing to any property in Bangkok. Here’s what you need to know…

Consider your needs and requirements 

Think carefully about what you really need. Sure, there’s plenty you will like, but make a list of non-negotiables. 

You should also think about your lifestyle and living situation. Are you moving with children? Your partner? Or are you single? This will influence your final decision, for example: neighbourhoods with great schools in close proximity are the kind of amenities you will need to consider as a parent. 

Security is essential 

The best condominiums and residential complexes come with 24/7 security. You will feel so much safer and happier if you know that your condominium has a security guard present at all times, CTTV, and key-card access. 

Rooftop decking area

As condominiums in Bangkok tend to have limited balcony space it always pays to have a nice rooftop decking areas. The best residential complexes in Bangkok will have large rooftop areas with a swimming pool, plenty of green, and even a restaurant or rooftop bar. No matter how big your apartment is, you’ll want to be able to escape and get some fresh air without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

Fitness room, swimming pool, sauna and stream room

It makes sense to find a property in a residential complex that can double up as a gym! Condominiums that offer health and fitness facilities are far superior because it allows you to save on paying for a monthly gym subscription.

That, and when you have a fitness room and gym in the same building as you, it’s difficult to neglect your daily exercise. 

Plenty of greenery and garden space 

Find a residential project that has plenty of greenery and garden space, such as The Forestias Bangna. While there is a lot of beauty in Bangkok, it is very much a concrete jungle and the hustle and bustle can get to you. This is why it is important to be able to escape into some greenery, reconnect with nature, and find a sense of calming relaxation. 

Concierge services 

While concierge services are traditionally reserved for hotels, many up-and-coming residential projects in Bangkok are offering them. This can help you get the best advice on where to go in the city and find out more about Bangkok’s offerings. 


Yes, it is very important to find a residential complex that has all of the facilities that one could hope for, but make sure that you do not neglect to research the surrounding area. The last thing you want is to rush into a property, only to realise that you’ve committed to an area that doesn’t serve your requirements.

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