What happens when you get injured at work in California?

Getting injured at work is surely one of the situations you’d want to avoid in your life. It is not only the trauma but also the treatment bills as well as days not attending work. But it is not all black because as an employee you are protected by an insurance policy as Bojat Law Group suggests.

This special insurance policy is mandatory for every business in Cali. However, to be covered, the injury must happen during work. With that, you only have to focus on calling an ambulance and getting better while the claim will have everything settled.

In this article, we’ll talk about what happens when you get injured while working in California. This should be extremely helpful because you have to know your rights as a worker, and keeping yourself safe is a priority. Keep reading and find out more.

Get immediate treatment

The first thing you must do is get immediate treatment and get yourself better. No prize is more important than your wellness, so be sure to focus on that. As soon as you get better, collect all the documentation and talk with your employer about filing a claim.

File for a claim

You need to be careful about the timing since you only have thirty days to submit your claim. Besides the insurance claim, there is another document that needs to be filled out both by yourself and by your employer which is the employee comp.

The timing is different if your injury is chronic and happened over a longer period according to Bojat Law Group. That is why it is important to have an experienced attorney in your corner for advice. Keep in mind that you will need to be checked by a medic that the insurance provides to see whether the claim is valid.

What are the benefits you will get

The main benefit you will get is financial security by covering all the medical expenses you had and providing wages for the days you’ve missed work during the treatment. In addition, there are additional benefits that apply if you are unable to continue working. Normally, these benefits apply if the case is accepted.

In case there is a death caused by an injury during work, the family of the victim gets financed as a sort of compensation.

What happens if the claim gets denied

You need to know that it takes around ninety days until you receive a confirmation or a denial. Usually, the response is sooner but if you are not responded during the time the three months, the claim is automatically confirmed.

In case you are denied, which is quite common, be sure to contact your attorney and look for a solution. When you are being represented by law specialists, the case gains bigger weight and the outcome might change and your rights will remain protected according to Bojat Law Group.

Use additional help systems

Besides the financial help, there are other systems you should consider using. Depending on the severity and your ability to work further, you might be capable to receive a disability policy. This is quite helpful if you are unable to work due to the injuries, so until you get professional rehabilitation and find another job, this system is extremely helpful.

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