What Is a Beer Tower and How Does It Work?

If you are seriously engaged in the draft beer culture, be sure to install a beer tower in your bar.

It will make your bar counter stylish, and the process of dispensing – more spectacular and interesting.

Read our article about how this equipment works and where it is best to buy it.

What Is a Beer Tower?

Beer tower is an essential piece of a draft beer system. It is a special container with a faucet for serving this alcoholic beverage, which is attached to the barrel via a beer line and a shank.

The beer tower is the only visible part of a draft beer system, that’s why many owners of craft bars and pubs try to get the most out of this equipment, installing the most original and eye-catching models. As a rule, steel, chrome, or brass are used for its manufacturing.

To date, the market offers a huge variety of beer towers. The most popular models are:

  • Cylindrical;
  • Elbow;
  • Wall-mount;
  • Double;
  • Ceramic;
  • Undercounter beer towers;
  • Ice towers;
  • T-Box;
  • Indie towers;
  • European style models;
  • Pass thru towers;
  • T or Y towers.

If you still doubt whether to install a beer tower, here are the top 3 reasons why you should do it:

  1. Allows to serve the customers faster;
  2. As easy to use as possible;
  3. Increases beer consumption and promotes more sales.

How Does a Beer Tower Work?

Ready to install a modern stylish beer tower?

Then let’s figure out how it works.

The beer tower is only a part of the beer dispensing system, which also includes barrels, chillers, beer lines, glycol or air lines, CO2/nitrogen cylinders, and other equipment.

Beer hoses connect all these components together.

The tower is a device that connects all the beer lines. There are special hoses inside, by which the beer is supplied to the beer tap.

First, it goes up into the beer hose with the cooler and then comes to the tower. All you have to do is turn the handle and pour a delicious drink into the glass.

Carbon dioxide or nitrogen (depending on the type of beer) are responsible for the movement of the beer in the line. They create and maintain the pressure inside the line.

In order for this technique to work as efficiently as possible, you need to install a special cooling system.

It could be a glycol or air-cooled beer tower.

  • At the moment, the most popular option is a glycol-cooled tower.

It works better for large bars, with barrels installed at a considerable distance from the beer tower. This equipment is designed for long-draw dispensing systems.

  • The second most popular is an air-cooled beer tower.

This is great for a small bar. With this type of system, your refrigeration unit should be right under the counter, next to the kegs.

What else is important to consider:

  • The installation site should be stable enough to keep the beer tower from falling.
  • The tap should be as tight and precise as possible to the body of the equipment. This will help to avoid leaks.

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