What is a crypto symbol and what species are there?

Terms such as tokens and cryptocurrencies are some of the most common sounds within blockchain technology. And it is because they are an important part of the construction of this growing ecosystem and increasing power. In todays article, we tell you what types of tokens are available and how they differ from cryptocurrencies. If you are interested, keep reading.

What is the sign?

A token is a digital symbol in the Blockchain world of an object of value within a context. It is provided by an independent organization and operates only under this heaven.

Its operation is similar to the order of miles inside an airplane. It is a good one that is not physically available but can be used if you want to buy an airline ticket. The more miles you have, the better off you will be on the plane and the greater the chances of the trails you will have. In the best Crypto signals universe, they are represented through codecs that have exchanged information and, therefore, provide the meaning of currencies or digital assets.

The token, therefore, can be used for a variety of purposes other than payment: it can be used to pay for something, to participate in an event, it can be an action within a company, an object to be collected, to enter a game, or anything that can be represented in the real world.

Token category

All crypto tokens fall into two categories: substitutable tokens and non-substitutable tokens. This section describes the differences between them.

Substitutable Token (FT)

Fungibility means something that is eliminated by use and can be replaced. Substitutable symbols (English substitutable tokens) now refer to things that can be changed without problems. If you go to the real world, you can see it as a movie ticket. If I can’t go, I can pay someone to use it, and this ticket has the same value.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

In view of the preceding definition, it can be assumed that a non-fungible token is one that cannot be separated or exchanged from each other as it has no equal value. A work of art is not of the same value and therefore, its exchange is impossible. This is a very important factor in determining the authenticity of an asset and ensuring the safety of its owners.

Crypto tokens, cryptocurrencies, and altcoins: major differences

In many places, you will find that cryptocurrencies are often confused with tokens or altcoins. Here we explain their differences.


A cryptocurrency is a common digital currency used to make or receive payments on a fixed blockchain, with Bitcoin (BTCUSD) being the most popular. Its function is only functional, unlike other types of signals.


Altcoins are all the other cryptocurrencies that emerged after the success of Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are just some of the common examples that came to compete and improve on the weakness of Bitcoin. However, this is the one that remains the most popular in the market.

Crypto Tokens

Cryptocurrency tokens are used to facilitate trading. They are not self-sufficient, that is, they need a chain of caps to be able to work, and they are made in the form of smart contracts. These are the ones that monitor the performance and standards of this brand within blockchain technology.

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Types of cryptocurrency tokens

To clarify the classification of signals and their meanings, we tell you the different types of cryptocurrency tokens.

Utility indicator: Utility indicator

The Utility Show had its growth from cryptographic projects released in 2017 during the Bomm ICO. They are used to provide initial funding or projects with a solid foundation in exchange for participation (immediate or future). They are like a gateway that gives you other types of rights to products and services. Utility tokens should not act as an investment as they are not controlled meaning that as the project grows, the investor will not be entitled to make a profit from it.

Security-Equity indicator

Unlike usage signals, security signals are tied to financial guarantees and work similarly to the buying and selling of retail businesses. The secure token digital stock certificate records your ownership on the blockchain. Those who buy this brand invest in a project hoping that its value will increase and bring present or future benefits. Although security signals do not usually provide any voting power to investors, some platforms have created a type of security sign dedicated to it.


The equity token is a type of security token that supports a heritage asset: either stock or asset. This means that any owner has property, profits, and the right to vote on this item.

A Sign Of Domination

Acquiring this type of signal gives the owner the right to participate in making a project decision. It allows you to submit new content, request a change, amends, and vote or challenge other options including the program.

With the development of the new Dapps brand, the dominant brand plays an important role in determining the balance between supplier and manufacturers choices. Proofs of jurisdiction can be obtained in two ways: As a participatory reward – provided by the DAO itself – in a partnership or through purchases and scripts. 

Asset Token

It is a brand that allows you to support real estate assets such as raw materials, materials, real estate, and art projects, among others, in order to buy and sell without moving.

Popular Crypto Token Platform

We’ve already talked about different types of symptoms, but do you know where they can be found? We tell you about some of the platforms that are commonly used.


The Ethereum blockchain has the highest number of signals running at about 250 thousand. The reason is that this blockchain is designed for this purpose. This can be clearly demonstrated in the creation of scales such as the ERC-20 signal, which greatly facilitates the task of creating and sending a cryptographic token.

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