What is a Facelift and How It Gives You a Youthful Look?

Facelift aims to restore a more youthful look by tightening and lifting sagging facial tissues. A facelift is sometimes described as a way to “turn back the hands of time,” giving the patient the appearance of a more youthful self. Excess skin is removed, deep creases are smoothed, and the deep facial tissues are lifted and tightened during facelift surgery to make patients seem younger and fresher.

Facial tissues shrink as we get older, resulting in saggy skin and wrinkles. Over time, this causes “jowls” on the lower face, deep creases, and sagging skin around the neck. Even though this is a regular aspect of ageing, a facelift may be a suitable option for individuals disturbed by these age indicators.

When do You Need a Facelift?

Consider a facelift if any of the following apply to you. Because of the sagging skin on your neck and face, you’re embarrassed by how you appear. To cover your aged neck, you wear turtlenecks and scarves instead of your preferred clothing. When you glance in the mirror, you notice that your features make you seem much older than you are. As you become older, you worry about how your looks affect your work or personal relationships. Patients often feel more confident about their health and strength after a facelift with an improved look. So, you can easily get away from all the aspects just by getting a facelift procedure.

Things to Consider Before Your Facelift Surgery?

One must have a significant understanding of facial anatomy, surgical methods and a keen eye for aesthetics to do facelift surgery. Choosing a facelift surgeon is essential since not all cosmetic surgeons are trained in facelift surgery throughout their residency training. It would be best to inquire about the special training and experience of the cosmetic surgeons you’re interviewing.

As part of your appointment, ask about the number of facelift treatments each doctor has conducted, giving you an idea of their aesthetic approach. Because the architecture of the male face differs from that of a woman’s, prospective facelift patients should verify that the cosmetic surgeon they choose has performed facelifts on men before deciding to go through with the procedure.

An approved surgical facility and the skills of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, including facelift methods, are two essential factors to consider while looking for a cosmetic surgeon. Dr Siddharth Prakash is best plastic surgeon in Mumbai. Being a graduate of KEM Hospital in Mumbai and Harvard Medical School in Boston he can help you in the best way that you deserve.

Which Type of Facelift do You Need?

1: Mini-Facelift

Mini-facelift candidates have fewer jowls and sagging. This less invasive procedure uses shorter incisions along the hairline above each ear and behind the ear creases to tighten deep facial tissues. These incisions lift and tighten cheek tissues to treat jowls, enhance the jawline, and rejuvenate a “tired” face. Your surgeon will choose the best anaesthetic for your mini-facelift. Mini-facelifts may postpone major surgery for up to 5 years.

2: Complete Facelift

A typical facelift focuses on the ageing of the face and neck. The results are more striking than a mini-facelift. Through incisions below the hairline, behind the temples, and around the ear, a cosmetic surgeon may rearrange deeper tissues under the skin and remove extra skin to smooth creases, reduce jowls and sagging skin under the chin, and restore a naturally young shape to the face and neck.


For the best results, a facelift should be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive expertise. Nothing can halt the natural ageing process, but a facelift should always make you seem years younger than you would have otherwise. To maintain your results looking their best, you may do a few things. Significant weight swings might cause the skin to stretch again. However, maintaining a regular, high-quality skin care Programme under the supervision of best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, India can help keep your skin looking young and healthy as you age.

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