What is a Port Container Crane?

A port container crane consists of a support frame that can travel the length of a quay or freight yard on railroad tracks. Instead of hooks, they come with special handling tools called spreaders. The spreader lowers to the top of the container and locks onto the container’s four locking points using a twist-lock mechanism. Cranes typically transport one container at a time, but some newer cranes are capable of picking up two to four 20-foot containers at a time.

What is a port container crane?

A container crane is a special type of crane specially used for loading and unloading containers. The main advantages of container cranes are their high speed, high operating efficiency, safety and reliability, and their ability to adapt well to different sizes and weights of containers.

At present, container cranes have become an indispensable part of cargo transportation and are widely used in shipping, railway, road and water transportation. It is because of their excellent performance that container cranes have become the most widely used special cranes in the world today.

Port container cranes have many advantages:

  1. Has high efficiency. It can quickly complete the loading and unloading work, greatly improving production efficiency.
  2. Has convenient transportation. Containers can be transported directly to their destination by sea, rail or road.
  3. Has durability. Due to its special structure, the container can withstand a lot of pressure and is not easily damaged.
  4. Container cranes are widely used because of their high efficiency, convenience and durability.

Safe operation of port container cranes:

  1. Due to the special working environment, through the working space, the hanging object to the designated position should be composed of a series of links. If something goes wrong, it could lead to an accident. So pay attention to every step in the middle so that someone can cooperate.
  2. Under normal circumstances, the load of the hook is very heavy, weighing tons or even hundreds of tons, and has a high potential energy in the process of lifting heavy objects suspended in the air. In the event of an accident, the high potential energy is rapidly converted into kinetic energy, undermining the entire safety.
  3. In bad weather, in time, so as not to affect the eyesight, especially the rain, the status of the staff is becoming more and more important. Surrounding crane operations without a stranger showing up, check if some parts of the container crane can operate safely.


The main working environment of the container gantry crane is the loading and unloading, stacking and handling of containers. During the construction of rail-mounted container gantry cranes, the gantry cranes will carry out planned container operations according to the orientation and characteristics of the track laying, so the space utilization rate of the operation site is higher. The rail-mounted container gantry crane can stack about 15 rows of containers in the middle of the span in multiple lanes, thereby shortening the working distance and working range and improving the working efficiency.

Container gantry cranes use electric energy to replace the traditional fuel energy operation method, which can control costs to a great extent and improve operating income. Moreover, due to the high requirements of rail installation, the efficiency and economic value of electric energy are also significantly better than those of traditional fuel in terms of rail planning and operation turnover.

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