What is Orthodontic Treatment?

It has been observed in many cases that people with different dental health issues have benefited immensely from orthodontic treatment. Yet, there are many among us who are still not very clear about what orthodontics is all about. 

Therefore, here in this post, we will take a detailed look at the process involved in orthodontics treatment and make an attempt to get a better understanding of the subject. So let us get started without further ado. 

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is something far more complex than usual dental treatment as it includes different aspects such as prevention, diagnosis, and even treatment of both facial and dental complexities. Furthermore, there is also a technical term used to describe all of these problems, and that term is malocclusion which literally translates to a bad bite. 

The Leading Cause

Experts at orthodontists Markham believe that these complexities known as malocclusions are mostly inherited, while there are also some that are acquired. It is commonly observed that inherited dental complications include overcrowded teeth, overbite, missing teeth, and even the formation of too much space in between teeth.

Further, doctors opting for orthodontic treatment Markham also suggest that bad bites can also result from irregular skeletal growth. The most common of such cases is an underdevelopment of the lower jaw. Therefore it is always recommended to treat these conditions in the initial stage to see a significant difference.    

What Causes Orthodontic Complexities?

Orthodontics and other similar acquired complexities are generally caused by different issues that include:

  1. Thumb-Sucking
  2. Trauma
  3. Premature loss of teeth

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Orthodontic treatment is not as complex as one might think. The treatment includes moving the teeth into the proper alignment by fixing a constant that applies gentle force in a carefully monitored direction with an orthodontic appliance. These days we have many different choices when it comes to orthodontics as today there are much more than traditional braces that could only be fitted on the front of the teeth. However, today we have braces that can be attached even at the back of the teeth. 

In addition to that, today, we also have Invisalign, another latest and far more effective orthodontic retainer or aligner that can be used to move teeth completely or even change their position for better alignment. 

All of this is important because having a straight tooth not only helps us to eat and chew better but can also help us speak better. Furthermore, when we have straight teeth, it is easier to clean the teeth to maintain good oral health.

How Successful Are Orthodontics Treatments?

When it comes to orthodontics, the success of the treatment basically depends on the skills and expertise of the Markham dentist. In addition to that, the helpfulness and enthusiasm of the patient can also play an important role in the success of the treatment. Every orthodontic patient must adhere to all the instructions laid out by the orthodontist.

Bottom Line

Now that we have an idea of orthodontic treatments, we must also understand that the cost of these treatments is generally driven by two different factors: the first being the duration of the treatment and the second being the complexity of the issue. 

Therefore, make sure to keep this information in mind before going forward with orthodontic treatment in the future. However, if you’re still confused with the options in hand, book your appointment with experts at orthodontics Markham.   

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