SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It targets the unpaid traffic and focuses more on the process to improve the quality and quantity of the website or the web pages for the search engines. Technically, SEO is a practice of performing such tasks that can make your website rank above others. 

Let us take a look at this very amazing example. If I share a chocolate cake recipe, I want people to click on it as many times as possible and that is what will make my recipe rank first. 

You need to follow these basics to rank high on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

  • Establish a content strategy
  • Analyze your current website( if any)
  • Research on Keywords.
  • Do a SEO audit
  • Start creating topics.
  • Understand the algorithms.  

It is very important for a person to have good knowledge of SEO who wants to pursue a career or want to build a business online. Many Professionals go through online digital marketing course to grow there presence online. Even there are digital marketing course with placement for students or professionals who want to switch or start their career in digital marketing.


There are many types of SEO but mainly there are of 3 types 

  1. Onpage
  2. Offpage
  3. Technical


Onpage SEO is also known as on site SEO.  Onpage focuses more on the content of the site and it helps in optimizing to make it accessible to a higher reach. It triesto take things under control to make the blog more reader friendly. 


Offpage SEO is more inclined towards promoting the brand or the site around the web. It has a lot of backlinks attached to it that can help the user jump from one site to another by just clicking on the anchor words. 

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO is the allrounder. It covers almost everything on the web. From the page speed ( Loading speed of the website) It helps in organic ranking. It also targets to bring more traffic to the site. 


It tries to copy the content from other websites It generates original content
It focuses on increasing website traffic without providing any good content It aims to provide knowledge to people
Black hats often spam keywords in the article  Good keyword density
Duplicate content.  No plagiarism (offers originality)


META DESCRIPTION –  The meta tag description interests the users and gives a slight impression of the article in order to make them visit the website. They are written very wisely to attract the users.

For example – The best cupcake recipe (Title) – Make it with 4 ingredients without oven or microwave (Meta description)

The meta descriptions are short, relevant and attractive. People are most likely to click on this recipe because of the meta description tag because it offers easy learning and pocket friendly recipes.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – Competitor analysis is important. There is an English saying, “ Always have a look at what your enemies are doing. Competition is considered to be good till it is healthy. It is important to analyze what they are up to and what consequences may your website have to suffer due to it. 

For example – To know if it is a competition, you will need to have analyze the following – 

  1. Features
  2. Market share
  3. Weakness,
  4. Strength
  5. Reviews


Keywords are necessarily important to make the work easy for Google, Readers, writers and of course, Companies. Keywords are the key of the articles or any stuff that has been provided online. 

 There are 5 benefits of Keywords –

  1. Helps you in targeting the audience 
  2. Keeps a track on the analysis of the competitors
  3. Provides the index of the content on the website.


We all know that Google indexes first on mobile phones so we have to create websites that are more friendly to mobile phones in order to convince Google that we are easy to crawl. 

On the other side, Domain Authority is the dominance of your name in the market. 

For example – CocoCola.com is authoritative so anything bad or good will directly impact the brand. 


  • Changing algorithms – The algorithms change at a period of time which makes it very tough for the executives to trace the perfect algos to upload the article. In short, nothing is fixed. 
  1. Competition – There is extreme competition among the creators and it keeps on changing according to the convenience and demand of the people. 
  2. Duplicate Content – It creates a lot of mess on the online traffic and it also disturbs the organic rankings. 
  3. Keyword spamming – It not only disturbs the quality of the content but it also disturbs the readers and it starts to lack originality. 


It is very difficult to explain the usages of SEO Company in every field but it has now rapidly started covering most of the sectors and it is the one which has started ruling the Search engines especially Google as 70% of the users are most likely to use it. SEO concludes a lot of things such as meta tags, keywords, algorithms and the list goes on. To understand SEO, we honestly have get into the business.

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