What Is the Best Copper Mining Company in Canada?

Have you ever wondered what the largest and the best copper mining companies in Canada are? If you are interested in copper and its production, then it will be a topic of interest for you, and you might have been interested in it before. If it is something you are interested in, it is the right place for you today. This article will discuss the big copper mining companies like Solaris Resources.

Highland Valley Copper Mine

Without any doubt, it is the best copper mining industry located in Canada right now. It is essential to know that Teck Resources own it.

This largest company is currently producing more than 120000 terms of copper right now. According to the research conducted by us, we can say that this mine is going to operate until 2040.

Gibraltar Mine

It is on the top second of our list because it is the best and the largest mining company operating in Canada right now. This mine is currently producing 63000 terms of copper, and it is expected to operate until 2039.

Sudbury Operation

Sudbury Operation mining company is located in Ontario, Canada. It is not only a producer of copper but also gold and silver. It is among the top of our list because it has a lot of mining potential. In 1885 engineers were able to find out the potential and benefits taken to get from this copper mine.

They realize this during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and today it is producing copper. The projected life in this copper mine is said to be 2042.

Copper Mountain Mine

Copper mountain mine is easily the best and the largest copper mine currently operating in Canada. It is located 20 km from the south of Princeton, and it is an open-pit type of mine. The fascinating fact about this mine is that it is not only producing a large amount of copper but also silver and gold at the moment.

Its owner is Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, a copper mountain mining corporation and 75% of the company. The projected life of this copper mine in Canada is expected to be 2045. It is a conventional mine, and they are also working on a new project right now from 2020. This project has expanded the plant’s production capacity and now their ability to produce 50000 terms of copper every day, which is a significant amount!

Kidd Copper

Kidd Copper is also included in the list of the best and the top copper mining companies available in Canada. It is located in Ontario, an underground mine located in Canada.

Currently, they are mining copper and Zinc, and the projected mine life is 2022. Although the projected life has finished, it is still trendy for being the world’s deepest metal mine below sea level.


Solaris Resources is one of the biggest copper extraction companies in the world. It has been operating for such a long time to extract copper to meet future needs.

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