What is the salary of digital marketing in Mumbai?

On the street, the word digital marketing industry is growing at incredible rates. It offers high-paying salaries for digital marketing experts and is one of the world’s most potent career paths. Every business in every sector, which is dependent mainly on digital landscapes for lucrative growth, is undoubtedly paid better by a digital marketing sector than most roles on a similar range of experience.

And, in particular, since the Covid-19 pandemic, companies rely on digital media for most of their activities, and the scope of digital marketing has increased even more. If you’re a Mumbai resident thinking of a digital marketing course in Mumbai, you must understand this subject thoroughly.

What is digital marketing?

The promotion of businesses to connect prospective customers through the Internet and other digital communication forms is called digital marketing, also termed online marketing. This comprises nail, social media ad, web-based advertising, and text and multimedia messaging marketing. Essentially, digital marketing is a marketing campaign involving digital communication.

Digital Marketing outlook in Mumbai

Mumbai is well renowned as the capital of the country’s finance, business, and entertainment. It is estimated that Mumbai generates approximately 6.16% of the nation’s GDP. Mumbai is home to various industries, enterprises, and many more, enabling you to thrive in digital marketing.

There are numerous companies in Mumbai that want to improve their business using digital marketing. In the city of Mumbai, there are an average of over 3000 existing digital marketing job openings. In view of this demand, too, in Mumbai, there is a tremendous increase in the number of institutes offering digital marketing courses.

While search engine optimization in Mumbai, India, is still in its infancy, its impact on the job sector in the country is humiliating. The SEO services in Mumbai commenced with the upsurge of the digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. 

Key statistics

  • The Times of India reported that Indians spend around 4.3 hours a day on mobile, and we have seen the power and potential of digital adoption due to this pandemic.
  • The Digital Marketing Expenditure Ratio in 2020 grew to 26%
  • The advertising market grows by 14.2% year on year.
  • The marketing budget is projected to be Rs 85,617 crores by 2020 in the next three financial years. 
  • As for another marketing study, 1/3 of the total marketing budget by 2020 would be allocated to Digital marketing by 2020. 
  • The marketing budget for advertising is projected to grow by Rs 22,254.96 crores by 2020.

The growing number of Mumbai’s digital marketing institutes 

Even as many industries have seen the excellent results of their companies’ digital marketing, the requirement for professionals working in the sector has significantly expanded. As a result, the number of people in Mumbai opting for digital marketing courses is also growing. 

Considering the necessity and the demand, the number of digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai is increasing exponentially. However, you must make sure that you choose Mumbai’s greatest digital marketing institute if you’d seriously get digital marketing training. In this modern age where technology is altering the dynamics of each field, digital marketing courses in Mumbai will undoubtedly assist you in building a successful profession. 

Digital Marketing Agency’s rise and scope in Mumbai

The concept of Search Engine Optimization, or the better-known SEO, has spread like wildfire over a span of nearly ten years. In India and around the world, the emergence of digital marketing has brought many opportunities, industries, jobs, and thousands more from other cognitive domains. Suppose you do not have a digital marketing degree. In that case, the easiest approach to obtain an entry-level digital marketing job is through a digital marketing training course in Mumbai to gain the abilities needed.

Payscale of Digital marketing professionals in Mumbai

Enrolling in one of Mumbai’s best digital marketing courses will help you get into one of the country’s highest-paid job roles. An estimated average compensation of five lakh annually for any digital marketer in India is greater than the packages offered for many other jobs. The salary of annual digital marketing experts in Mumbai starts at INR 2,50,000 and rises with knowledge and experience.

Different factors influence the salary of an individual. For instance, in a Tier 1 city like Mumbai, a person’s salaries are more than a person who has equal skills, but in a Tier 2 city. In Mumbai alone, there is a demand for 36,962 digital marketing positions. This means that there’s a huge potential in Mumbai for a digital marketing job. A few career paths are a marketing manager, an associate sales and marketing director, or a digital marketing director. Niche specialized careers can also be chosen.

The salary, based on experience, can range from 366K for one year, 493K for one-to-four years, to 837K for five-nine years of experience. In addition to the digital marketing manager, the average salary for different careers is as follows: 

  • Social media marketing – INR 595,999
  • Online marketing – INR 697,508
  • Search engine marketing – INR 617,633
  • Search engine optimization – INR 597,719
  • Data analyst – 200k-951k
  • Content writer – 131k-514k

Let’s see the salary trends for other roles in Mumbai.

Role Average salary per month Average salary per year Years of experience
SEO Interns 15000 INR Per Month 90,000 – 1,20,000 INR Per Year 0-1 years
Digital Marketing Executive 13,000 – 40,000 INR Per Month 1,56,000 – 4,75,000 INR  Per Year 1-2 years
Digital Marketing Specialist 24,000 – 78,000 INR Per Month 2,78,000 – 9,36,000 INR Per Year 3-5 Years
Digital Marketing Manager 30,000 – 1,67,000 INR Per Month 3,36,000 –  20,00,000 INR Per Year 8-10 Years


As part of the media sector, search engine optimization and search engine marketing have quickly gained significance. Optimize your company website with Mumbai’s leading SEO firm and boost your brand presence on the search engine. To reach your online audience, one thing you can do is adapt your digital marketing platform to promote your brand. It’s the appropriate time for you to be part of this bandwagon. Search for Mumbai’s top digital marketing institute and fulfill your dream today. Although the Digital Marketing fees in Mumbai vary from one institution to another, make the best choice as this step will lead you to your destiny. Use these tools such as FastPeopleSearch to look up numbers for free.

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