What Needs to Be Known Before Buying a Diesel Water Pump?

This robust water pump is used in irrigation, construction, and draining or filling water ponds at high or low pressure. The diesel pump has a more significant workload than a petrol pump and is more energy efficient.

This article will highlight facts that should be known before purchasing a diesel water pump.

How does it work?

Let us first see how the pump works so we can understand it better. There are vanes inside the pump connected to a rotating disk connected to the pump’s crankshaft. When the pump is started, the air inside the pump is pushed out, creating a partial vacuum filled with water. This process is repeated when the pump is running.

What should be considered before buying the pump?

1. Quality of the pump

The quality of the motor and engine determines how long the pump provides service before it needs repairs. Poor-quality material is worn out quickly and may not be relied upon to perform heavy tasks.

2. Price

After determining the task that the machine will perform, the price range should be considered. Food-grade pumps that are made from aluminium or stainless steel are more expensive as opposed to other materials. Size, pressure, and the brand of the pump are other factors that affect 16 hp diesel water pump prices in Kenya.

3. Sales agreement

Recognized brands are famous for their after-sales services. Extended warranties appeal to skeptics who may suspect that the machine will fail during its operation.

4. Recommendations

A user is likelier to recommend a brand that has served him well for a long time than a newer brand with which they have yet to experience. Older brands and those associated with a trusted manufacturer have had years of dealing with customers and have gained their trust.

5. Pump efficiency

This factor is essential in determining the type of pump you buy. Efficient pumps save both time and money for a particular project. More efficient pumps are less prone to mechanical breakdowns than less efficient pumps. A faster pump can save much labour, energy, and overhead costs.

Is the diesel water pump better than other pumps?

While comparing diesel-powered water pumps to electricity-powered water pumps, the pump stands out in terms of efficiency and reliability. However, because electricity is only available in some areas of Kenya, diesel pumps, due to their portability, would be more reliable in remote farms and unfinished construction sites.

Moreover, the solar-powered pump cannot be relied on during cloudy seasons or at night. A petrol-powered pump is less efficient and works well on smaller projects than a diesel pump. The main disadvantage of the diesel pump is that the fumes it produces are harmful to the environment. And it also produces significant noise.


Overall, the rate at which a water pump can pump water is essential to consider when assessing the pump’s quality and performance. A pump that can pump water quickly may be more efficient, effective, and reliable.

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