What Pests Can Melbourne Pest Control Help With?

In work and business, why struggle on your own if you can get some help? This is very true when it comes to managing unwanted bugs and other pests on your premises. You could be causing more harm than good by going the DIY route.

But perhaps you simply don’t realise the problem you face is something you can ask a pro to help with. For various types of pest control Melbourne locals can ask experts to remove the source of the problem. That’s much better than you killing off a few, only to see them multiply day after day anyway.

If you’re wondering if pest control companies can help with your particular problem, here’s some clarity on their range of services.

Why Trust Pest Control Instead of DIY?

If you notice a few ants around the house or you’re tired of the bird droppings outside, you may think you can solve the problem yourself. Unfortunately, the damage many pests cause goes unseen for a long time before discovered. For example, termites can ruin your house’s structure by damaging wood and you won’t know about it because they’re out of sight.

Even birds carry risks apart from being an annoyance. They could contaminate merchandise on commercial properties or bring disease.

Often, it won’t do to try and oust pests yourself. You may never discover their nests, which is the source of the problem. You’ll remove a few by using home remedies or pest products, but usually you’ll see the colony return again and again.

So, you need efficient action from the moment you suspect a problem. And that requires a team of experts.

How to Pick a Good Pest Control Company

When you search for the pest control company you’ll put on speed dial, consider the following:

  • Look at vendors’ reviews and see how other clients experience their efficiency and customer service.
  • For commercial properties, make sure they have experience helping others in your specific industry.
  • Ask about environmentally friendly methods.
  • An emergency, same day service is a helpful feature.
  • Pest specific solutions are ideal because it won’t affect you or your pets much.
  • Make sure the company is licensed to perform the work, while adhering to a country or region’s legislation on the topic.

Types of Pests and Problems Pest Control Vendors can Help With

Crawling Insects

Having creepy crawlies around the house is fairly normal, but certain ones you may want to have removed. A few ants are harmless, but you don’t want them taking over your kitchen cupboards in search of food. Insects like cockroaches also need urgent attention to limit the chance of them contaminating various parts of your home or property.

Other common crawling insects you can ask your pest control agent’s help with include termites, beetles, bed bugs, silverfish and fleas.

Flying Insects

You don’t even have to risk getting stung this summer! Pest control experts can remove a colony of bees, moths or wasps. Of course, bees are precious creatures, so you can ask pest control companies about relocation rather than extermination.


Spiders are also common on most properties. However, if you’re having nightmares about them because there are more in your house than usual, pest control can assist in controlling this creature. You don’t want your kids or pets bitten by some of the dangerous ones.


Birds are beautiful but when they nest on your property the noise and droppings can become a nuisance. You also run the risk of having one of 60 transmittable diseases brought onto your property by these creatures.

Talk to pest control about trapping and removal, but also control measures, such as bird proofing your property to prevent future issues.

Rodents and Other Animals

For health reasons you don’t want mice and rats running around in your attic. For similar reasons and to prevent being attacked by some of them, you can talk to pest control companies about removing these animals:

  • Possums
  • Rabbits
  • Feral cats
  • Foxes

Weeds and Other Threats to Your Garden

You don’t even have to manage your garden on your own. Reputable pest control agencies can help you get rid of weeds, caterpillars, fruit flies, snails and slugs that threaten your much-loved flowers and other greenery.


A primary reason for using pest control is to maintain a healthy environment. Their expertise can extend to managing fungi as well. This can be related to your HVAC system or subfloor ventilation where fungi grow easily thanks to the Melbourne’s wet winter months followed by hot summers.

Commercial Services

Some pest control companies are also skilled at helping on commercial properties. Simply make sure they’re trained for your specific industry.

Specialised Services

Some surprising and interesting tasks your pest control experts can help with include:

  • Odour control
  • Sanitising premises
  • Fumigation—also of containers
  • Removing the carcass of a dead animal to prevent disease from spreading
  • Doing property inspections related to the sale of a premises


You can see the tasks your local pest control vendor can take off your hands are quite vast. And their methods are safer for you, the environment and your assets.

So, next time you’re dealing with an enemy you don’t know—and perhaps only catch glimpses of—rather trust the experts.

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