What Sex Crime in New Jersey Involves

If you have been accused of a serious sex crime, having the best New Jersey criminal defense attorney who can fight and protect your rights while ensuring your side of the story is heard is important.

Being accused of a sex crime can be a disruptive force, potentially ruining every aspect of your life. You won’t just face jail time and criminal conviction. There will also be potential for registration requirements for Megan’s Law.

According to N.J. sex crime attorneys, sex crimes basically refer to criminal charges that encompass lewdness, indecent exposure, molestation, prostitution, rape, and child sexual abuse. Regardless of what charges you are facing, you will be innocent until proven guilty.

New Jersey Common Sex Offenses

There are several sexual offenses, which happen more often in New Jersey when compared to others. Although they range in severity, with some carrying a lot of years in jail whereas others are just misdemeanor offenses, which hardly result in jail time, all of them may devastate the future of defendants with serious blemishes on the criminal background.

The most common sex offense is rape. It encompasses sexual penetration through coercion or use of force. Rape is considered a serious sex crime of the highest degree and may carry between 6 and 11 years in jail and a fine of around $150,000. Other sex offenses may include:

  • Criminal sexual contact
  • Indecent exposure
  • Aggravated sexual assault

Consequences of Sex Crimes

Close-in age exemption is one possible defense to sexual assault or statutory rape charges in New Jersey. But other defenses might as well be pertinent when it comes to your cases, based on the situation.

Considering what is at stake, minors, as well as their families, shouldn’t make any mistakes. It is imperative for teenagers or adults who have been assaulted by a sexual crime involving minors to talk to a good attorney right away.

A consequence of sex crime convictions might be incredibly destructive and long-reaching, including fines, lasting criminal record, prison time, and mandatory sex offender registration, which might make it impossible or challenging to pursue some opportunities.

Are There Legal Protections for Sex Crime Offenders

Megan’s law allows public access to registered sex offenders’ locations. Though it doesn’t condone or endorse violence against offenders.

If registered sex offenders feel they are being ridiculed or attacked, they need to speak to an attorney and contact local law enforcement authorities.

How an Attorney Can Help

The best sex crime attorney may increase your chances of having penalties eliminated, and charges dropped in a sex crime case.

Even when you have been convicted of a sex crime case, a lawyer may challenge which Megan’s law tie you need to register under to ascertain that your privacy and reputation are protected to the fullest.

Don’t underestimate what your lawyer may do to help in your defense. If you are charged with a crime in New Jersey, be sure to reach out to the right lawyer.

Final Touches!

Facing sex crime allegations in New Jersey is a serious matter. Apart from imprisonment and fines, you might as well face registration as a sex offender. This is why it is imperative to enlist the services of an experienced and qualified sex crime attorney.