What Should I Do Before Tooth Extraction?

Tooth decay, crowding, and tooth infection can all require a tooth extraction. Even in the case of getting braces, you might also end up needing to remove a tooth or two for other teeth to shift.

If you are getting tooth extractions near you, it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed. But it is important to get rid of the anxiety before you get the treatment. At Caledonia Crosstown Dental Centre, we strive to put our patients at ease prior to any dental work. Read on to find out more about tooth extraction and what to do before it:

  • Inquire in advance

Ask your dentist as many questions about the treatment as you want. Make a list of all your questions in case you forget them. Bring the questions to your dentist.

Getting answers could help you eliminate anxiety and understand precisely what to anticipate from the procedure.

  • Discuss your medical background

You must be honest about your medical history when discussing the procedure with your dentist. Allow your dentist to know if you have any medical conditions or diseases or about any medications you take. Any complications during the extraction will be avoided if your medical history is discussed in general.

  • Find your Insurance plan

Most of the time, a medical or dental insurance plan will cover a certain amount of your oral treatment. To prevent any unforeseen bills and insurance claims, you should double-check with your insurance company.

It is critical to discuss the cost of your procedure with your dentist ahead of time and determine how much your dental insurance will cover. You can also ask for a written description of the procedure from your dentist to share with your insurance provider. So, they can confirm whether it will be covered or not.

  • Obtain a ride home

You may be unable to drive until the anesthesia wears off following tooth extraction. Bring a close one to the dentist in York to drive you safely after the procedure. It’s also a good idea to find out if any friends or family members will assist you with self-care once you get home. So you can rest for a few days.

  • Avoid eating before surgery.

Your dentist will inform you in advance that you cannot eat anything for 12 hours before your tooth extraction. If you smoke, the dentist near you will also ask you to take a break from it for a few hours. Following these guidelines will improve recovery and reduce the risk of developing a dry socket after the extraction.

  • Dress comfortably    

To remain comfortable during the entire procedure, make sure to dress comfortably. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes, jewelry, contact lenses, or any such thing. The best thing to do is dress in comfortable clothing.

Plan for your Aftercare

Plan ahead and ask about your aftercare in advance. Shop for soft food and pick up your medications in advance or arrange for someone to do so for you on the day of your appointment. Additionally, make sure you have a cozy spot where you can lie down with your head supported.

Typically, aftercare instructions will consist of the following:

  • Do not consume hot foods and drinks
  • Ice your face for a few minutes in case of any pain
  • Consume only soft food for 24 hours.
  • Avoid using a straw, thoroughly rinse your mouth, and spit
  • Skip challenging activities for a few days.
  • After surgery, refrain from smoking for at least a few hours.
  • Floss and brush but avoid the extraction part

Make an Appointment for Tooth Extraction in York

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