What Software Do Most Artists Use?

An Artist always needs the best software which can bring their art to the next level. There would many top-rated artist software companies stand in front of you that help to edit artwork.  You might be confused when a matter up to choose software either for digital art, drawing or painting. This article highlight that what software do most artists use, it can free or pay tool.

Let’s have a look in-depth at the list of software used by artists.

  • Clip Studio Paint 
  • Corel Painter 2021
  • Adobe Photoshop

Clip Studio Paint

Clip studio paint 20-year old software company which is popular to provide the best services. The Japanese graphics company Celsys had given hand to developed this software. You can use Clip studio for illustration, oil painting, 2D or 3D animation, comics, drawing, and painting. It includes such features that are drag & drop, easy to use tools with a greater interface. You will get so many designs, colours, brushes, pens, vector lines, sketches to create high-professional drawing or painting. This software can be installed in Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, galaxy, android, Chromebook. You will have to select one product to create art because Clip studio paint offers two types of software. One is clip studio paint pro and the second is clip studio paint ex

Clip Studio Paint Pro is for concept art, illustration, and character art

Clip Studio Paint Ex is for animations, manga & comics

Both products are available to purchase monthly or on a one-time purchase basis. The clip studio paint ex is costly than the paint pro. But the clip studio paint coupon code makes it possible to add a discount to your wallet when purchasing it. Clip studio paint also offers a free-trial according to your operating device. It will a nice opportunity for you to test the product before making a payment for the product that you want to buy.

Corel Painter 2021

Corel Painter 2021 is the new software to create your signature style. This product has been used by a professional artist to give a different touch to their art. The attractive features make your painting or drawing engaging to the customers. It especially has built for the window users to do a professional painting. You can customize the work of art by dint of brushes, palettes, textures, patterns. It also offers the latest brush pack to add the stars to your drawing, photo art, and painting. 

You can use stunning tools which are –

Corel painter 2021 facilitate to customize palettes, brushes, media content

It includes 900+ brushes in their Corel painter product like dry, wet, and blending media.

Do you want to convert photos into painting? If yes, so it is for you. It has some auto-painting and cloning tools that restyle photos into painting. 

Want to create compositions? You can do it using composition tools powered by Corel. 

The brush accelerator helps the user to maximize the performance 

You can also use some unique tools in your artwork like papers, flow maps, patterns, gradients, texture.

Corel painter provides thick paint, particles, pattern pens, airbrushes, Sargent, watercolour, chalk, and pastel to create a painting.

This software is compatible with mac, PC, drawing tablet, and photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is also another option for photo editing, animation, graphic design, and digital painting. You can do editing through Photoshop on desktop and iPad. The magical effects and editing tools make your art stunning. It provides such powerful tools that add the effects, new-touch that your camera not capture. 

Features of Adobe Photoshop –

You can work on your art by using thousands of brushes and also can create your own brushes. 

Adobe Photoshop enables to create of graphic design. It is easy to select subjects with one click and add colour, effects to turn into an imaginary graphic. 

Artist can replace the sky to match with their scenery

You can share your work for editing by inviting others to edit your documents.

It transforms your original photos through photoshop tools and filters.

Add text, create photo collages, create painterly effects, add drama by subtracting colour


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The above discussed are the best software to create stunning drawing and painting. You should choose from Corel painter, adobe Photoshop, and clip studio paint. The features of these products are available in the new version 2021 which is super-easy to use for an artist. The free-trial also provided by these companies to test the performance, tools, effects, and other things required to artists. If you are using it already so you should upgrade your product to get more advantages. It will always leverage to create animation, comics, oil painting, and more. The tools are used as a drag and drop in a single click. It means you can add colour or effects through hint to your art of work.

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