What Supplies Do I Need for an RV Trip?

Setting out on the open road for an RV adventure can be exciting. In packing the right clothing, accessories, and supplies, you’ll be sure to have an even better time during your RV travels. If you and your family or friends are thinking about planning an RV trip, it might be time to start that packing list. For a few items that you’ll want to consider bringing with you on the road, read on.

Appropriate Clothing

When it comes to finding the right supplies for your RV road trip, the first thing you’ll want to consider is clothing. Think about your final destination and what the climate will be like. When packing clothing, don’t be afraid to think of extreme changes in weather, either. You might be surprised how quickly the stylish womens tops you pack will need a sweater over them simply because of Mother Nature.

When packing clothes for your trip, the easiest way to pack is to think about combining layers of different fabrics. You’ll want something heavy like a hoodie or jacket for cold nights, but also something lighter like a windbreaker or raincoat, too. By being over-prepared when it comes to your clothing, you’ll put yourself in the position of being ready for anything the road throws at you.

If you’re worried about packing too many clothes or are short on space, keep in mind that you can always stop on the road while doing errands to grab any type of pullovers, sleepwear, or other supplies you forget to bring. In short, while you’ll want to do your best to be prepared for all types of weather, events, and occasions, it’s possible you’ll still need to do some shopping during your travels. With that said, the better you pack now, the more money you’ll save in transit.

Cooking Gear and Camping Accessories

Many people opt to eat in rest stops, restaurants, or gas stations while traveling. If you’re someone who plans to cook in your RV, it’s important that you consider ahead of time the supplies you’ll need. Start by considering your rig. If you have a fridge, for example, your needs will be much different from if you’ll be traveling with a cooler and camping stove.

Regardless of if you’ll be staying at a premier RV park, staying in a free campsite, boon docking, or mooch docking at a friend’s house, assessing your cooking needs ahead of time is important. Consider fuel, what you’ll use for a stove, and how you’ll power items like instant pots, rice cookers, and more. Consider bringing silverware, plates, and other utensils if planning to cook on the road.

Cameras and Entertainment Options


On rainy days, technology can be a lifesaver in an RV. When packing for your trip, make plans for what you’ll want with you on inside days. A collection of movies, a good book, a laptop, a favorite game, and other items that can be used on or offline are always smart to bring. Spending a rainy day inside a motorhome working on a puzzle can be a great and relaxing way to pass the time. Throwing a deck of cards or trivia game in your pack is always a good idea for those slower days when you can’t be outside.

By the time you hit the open road, the most important thing you can bring is an open mind and a spirit of adventure. Even if you have to pick up items along the way, you’ll be sure to have a trip to remember if you go into it ready to experience new things. Happy adventuring to you. Have a safe and relaxing trip.

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