What to Consider When Choosing a Gynecologist

For every woman, it is important to feel comfortable with the doctor. Not only because she is the person who will watch over our health in a close way, but also because she will also be the person with whom we can express ourselves openly about our most intimate concerns.

When a woman feels confident with her doctor, any difficulty that appears in her life, and affects her health, can be solved more quickly and effectively. Below we will reveal how to choose the ideal gynecologist so that you can also achieve the best possible relationship and take care of your health with greater pleasure.

Why choose the ideal gynecologist?

As we mentioned before, it is important that you feel comfortable with your doctor. In this way, the doctor will be able to better adapt to your needs and give you much more effective advice. At a certain point, he thinks that a personalized treatment allows us to establish a much friendlier bond, so we can avoid feeling nervous at the time of the consultation.

Consultations and visits to the gynecologist can often be a trauma for many women, because many times, good communication is not established. On the other hand, there are many professionals who do not have enough emotional intelligence to try to create a positive bond with their patients.

Sometimes, we feel that the visit to the gynecologist is about a battle. The doctor in question inspects us without any humanity and makes routine a very rough, abrupt, and even violent process. This often causes us to develop a great predisposition when it comes to going to the doctor and discussing our concerns with him/her.

There are two determining factors when creating an ideal relationship: empathy and communication. If both variables are present, the relationship between doctor and patient will develop positively. Both will feel comfortable and confident enough to share the aspects related to our health that are required during the consultation.

How is the ideal gynecologist?

Every good doctor (regardless of their area of specialty) should possess the following characteristics:

Humanity. The doctor should try to be a close person, who cares about interacting with his patient to understand him better and help him calm down in case of nervousness, for example.

Know how to listen for a doctor to establish a truly friendly and respectful relationship with his patient; he must know how to listen. Although it is true that he does not have to become our personal diary or psychologist, it is very important that he knows how to listen to us and make us feel appreciated.

Good humor. Although it seems irrelevant, it is important that our doctor receives us with good spirits, disposition and even good humor to help us face any situation, and why not? Make each other’s day better.

When you book an appointment with a gynecologist at ekshef.com, speak clearly about your expectations and without complexes raise all the doubts you have; All this will help get to know each other better. Establishing good communication allows us to establish the link we want. As you converse, pay attention to how he expresses himself: is he using simple language or specialized, distant jargon? Are you really comfortable or not?

It does not hurt that during the interview, take the opportunity to take note of what his/her office says about him/her. Are you in a clean and comfortable environment? Is the equipment new or old? Is the surrounding hygiene the most suitable for you? You should also know that some gynecologists have more experience in some fields than others.

Just as there are more experienced gynecologists in the treatment of infertility, there will be others better trained in pregnancy as such. Regardless of this, the ideal doctor knows that he must care for and respect our emotional world as much as our own organism.

Remember, if you feel comfortable at the time of making the first contact with the doctor, solve your doubts, and make you feel calm and confident, this is a good indicator that you have managed to find the ideal gynecologist for you.

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