What to Consider When Selecting a Rain Gun Sprinkler

A rain gun sprinkler is a device mostly used by farmers to ensure that their crops are well watered.

The article below will provide an in-depth insight as to the features to pay close attention to before making the final decision to purchase the machine.  It is a well-informed guide with up-to-date information to make the right choice.

Ever dreamed of having a well-maintained lawn with minimum effort?  What about the need to properly water your farm plants on your vast piece of land?  You are one lucky person, as the following article will give you an insight into the various factors to be put in place while purchasing a rain gun sprinkler. One should not just buy any rain gun sprinkler for the sake of doing so but consider the following:


One selects the pressure range of the gun sprinkler depending on the size of land to be irrigated.  Small-sized plots require low-pressure sprinklers since the reach is narrower.  However, large-sized plots will require high-pressure sprinklers to ensure that all areas of the farm are generously supplied with water.  One should also consider the infiltration capacity of the soil present on the plot.  Soil erosion in the form of surface run-off will occur in case high-pressure sprinklers are used with low infiltration soil.

Amount of water available

Rain gun sprinklers are considered if one has large volumes of water to be used for irrigation.  The water capacity is determined by various factors ranging from the water needs of the crop to the size of land to be used for farming.  One will use the drip irrigation system if the water resources are limited.

Power use

The amount of electricity used depends on the needs of the farmer.  The higher flow rate sprinklers will require the use of large amounts of power.  Decreasing the flow rate reduces electricity consumption and therefore saves on resources to be used for other activities.

Nozzle size

This will determine the pressure at which the crops are irrigated.  Wide-sized nozzles will result in the low pressure of water irrigated.  The small-sized nozzles are generally considered in case the irrigator wants to irrigate at high pressure and cover large tracts of land.


Rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya should be considered before making a purchase.  The irrigator should research various trader websites before committing money to acquire the sprinkler. The buyer should also ensure that the quality of the sprinkler being offered matches the asking price. Failure to do so would result in a substandard machine at a high cost.

Availability of a jet breaker

It is important to consider whether the sprinkler has an adjustable jet breaker.  This is a highly efficient accompaniment that will ensure the size and impact of water droplets are suited to the type of crops grown.  The impact can be reduced for delicate crops to prevent damage and the subsequent losses associated.

Efficiency of components

The working parts of the rain gun sprinkler should meet the minimum standard requirements.  They should be light enough to ensure ease of portability.  In addition, they should be sturdy to withstand strong winds and water currents. The sprinkler should also have a waterproof battery box to prevent damage to the batteries running the rain gun sprinkler.


From the information cited above, one can make a fully informed decision on the type and features to be considered before purchasing a rain gun sprinkler.