What type of pillow is best for a child? Tips for making the choice

Choosing a good pillow for yourself might seem challenging, but when you have to do it for your children, it becomes even more confusing. What should you pay attention to? What size is the best? Which ones are the safest? There are so many aspects to keep in mind, so the whole process becomes quite overwhelming. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! With our help, discover useful tips for choosing a pillow for your little one.

Don’t use a pillow for adults

Most of us don’t really pay great attention to the choice of pillow. It might seem a good idea to simply take a pillow from your bed and then hand it to your baby. But that is a big mistake. Adult pillows are made for grown-ups. For example, they are typically a lot thicker compared to ones made for kids. If a child uses a pillow like that, it may create a distorted sleeping position. That means their neck is going to be in an unnatural pose.

Safety is another reason why you should avoid giving a pillow for grown-ups to your child. Since it is thicker, the risk of suffocation increases significantly. Until your little one is at least ten years old, opt for a pillow that is designed specifically for their body. Or – if you prefer to use one for a longer time – choose an adjustable bed pillow for kids. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary problems and potentially dangerous situations.

Support should be the priority

Of course, it is vital for your child to feel comfortable in bed. Only then will they be able to have a good night’s rest. But comfort should never be more important than support. Although having a soft feather pillow might seem like the perfect choice, it is better to choose one that doesn’t smother their nose and mouth. But, at the same time, it shouldn’t be too hard, otherwise sleeping will become problematic. Having balance is key.

To find out whether your child’s pillow is the way it should be, use your fingers. Press them into the pillow and try to feel if it springs back into shape. What might seem comfortable and soft to you might not be suitable for your child’s spine. Make sure the pillow provides just the right amount of support.

Choose a hypoallergenic pillow

Some babies are more sensitive to the environment. If that is the case for your child, then choosing a hypoallergenic pillow that is created in a way to reduce allergic reactions might be your best bet. Dust, mold, and microbes usually don’t have a significant effect on adults, but with kids – it is a different story. That is why investing in a hypoallergenic pillow can be a wise decision.

Waterproof pillows – an excellent choice

It might seem unusual, but children tend to be even sweatier sleepers than adults. Due to this, keeping the bed fresh can be quite a challenge. If you don’t pay enough attention to this aspect, in the long term, your kid’s pillow might become inhabited by all kinds of pathogens. To avoid this problem, choose a waterproof pillow. Usually, they are also made from materials that can help with allergic reactions.

Another great idea is to invest in a cooling pillow for kids. Since they regulate temperature and create a comfortable sleep environment, they can be absolute lifesavers.

Pay attention to the materials

Nowadays, you will find most pillows to be filled with eco-friendly materials such as hemp and buckwheat. It might seem like a safe choice, but in reality – it might not do much good for your child, especially toddlers. Feathers tend to trigger allergies, and there is also the risk of choking. Opt for a memory foam kids pillow to make your life less stressful (after all – there are plenty of other things to worry about).

If you want to make sure your child is using a product that is not harmful to them, it is also wise to purchase pillows for kids with CertiPUR-US certification. It means they are less toxic because they don’t include chemicals like phthalates or bromide.

Always keep in mind that every child is different. Just because your friend’s toddler is ready to use a pillow safely, it does not mean it will be the same case for others. Make sure your baby is feeling comfortable and, most importantly, has enough support. In the end, choosing a good pillow is not just beneficial for your kid. It means that your nights will become a lot more peaceful too.

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