What You Need to Know About the Glaivier Subclass in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Adding Glaivier to the roster of advanced classes in Lost Ark will allow players to target a wider range of DPS players who will appreciate the versatility that Glaivier provides.

A little over three months ago, Amazon Games, with the assistance of Smilegate and its subsidiary Tripod Studio, brought the critically acclaimed South Korean wonder, Lost Ark, to the western regions of the country. Since its release, this 2.5D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The game quickly established a strong player base and even outperformed other popular multiplayer titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and League of Legends in terms of player retention and popularity. The Lost Ark has recently welcomed a new subclass, Glaivier, to the West as a way to commemorate its unprecedented expansion.

Glaivier is in charge of the Lost Ark’s roadmap, which is part of the Battle for the Throne of Chaos content update. With Glaivier’s adaptable combat stance and versatile skillset, players who enjoy the fast-paced action associated with the Martial Artist class will now have the opportunity to experience Arkesia through the eyes of a martial artist. Along with a slew of other quality-of-life enhancements, the new subclass heralds the arrival of some very exciting news for Lost Ark and its burgeoning playerbase.

Glaivier’s attention is drawn to a flurry of lethal blows.

Glaivier, also known as the Lance Master in other regions, is the first advanced class to join the colorful roster of Martial Artists in Lost Ark since the game’s release in the western world. In her interactions with overworld adversaries, this subclass, Lost Ark gold online which is only available to female players, relies on melee weapons and damage-per-second. Glaivier’s graceful slice and dice techniques are backed up by her mastery of the glaive and spear, as well as a dual combat stance that allows her to accommodate the weapon she is currently wielding.

When it comes to enhancing one of her natural abilities, Glaivier can seamlessly switch between the Focus and Flurry stances, depending on the situation. In the same way that wielding a glaive and unleashing a ferocious barrage increases the intensity of the Flurry stance, delivering long-range sweeps and lethal strikes with a spear increases the intensity of the Flurry stance as well. Consulting Glaivier’s Dual Meter, which is separated into three sectors, makes it simple to keep track of her progressive increase in battle power.

Switching from Focus to Flurry offers the Glaivier a 5 percent, 10 percent, or 15 percent increase in attack speed, depending on how much energy has been gathered in the process. On levels two and three, it also provides a 10 percent damage boost and a 25 percent critical damage benefit, respectively, to the player’s character. The Glaivier’s movement speed increases by 5 percent, 10 percent, or 15 percent as she transitions from Flurry to Focus, and this is combined with the similar growth pattern for total damage output. This allows the Glaivier to turn the tide whenever the circumstance calls for it.

Glaivier’s engravements and combat abilities aid him in gaining the upper hand in battle.

Glaivier, like the rest of the advanced classes in Lost Ark, is armed with two Engravings that are exclusive to his class and abilities. Each is tailored to a certain playstyle and builds on the advantages of the Dual Meter’s stance-swapping functionality. They allow players to experiment with alternative techniques against normal and boss foes while yet maintaining a sense of safety.

Switching between postures on the fly may not seem too enticing, but the Control Engraving will show to be advantageous in this situation. Control increases the damage done by Flurry skills in proportion to their level by 18 percent, 27 percent, and 36 percent, respectively, when the Focus stance is completely disabled. However, lost ark gold the Pinnacle Engraving takes advantage of the segmented structure of the Dual Meter to create a unique design. It effectively serves as the Engraving’s third level, rewarding the players with increasingly powerful bonuses as they explore and unlock the Engraving’s levels.

Glaivier’s ability to dual-wield weapons is further bolstered by two sets of skills that are representative of her fighting stance. While the skills displayed in red become available whenever she adopts the Focus stance, the skills displayed in blue are ultimately used to support the Flurry stance. Her impressive collection of abilities totals more than two dozen items, including two Awakening skills that take advantage of the subclass’ combat affinities to great effect.

Wheel of Blades (Flurry): Inflicts damage three times before dealing a devastating last blow to all enemies in the area, including those propelled into the air by the spell.

  • Spear Dive (Flurry): A whirling kick that inflicts four times the damage on close adversaries while allowing for many strikes to be launched at the same time
  • A flurry of eight assaults is followed by a powerful thrust that inflicts extra damage on the opponent
  • 4-Headed Dragon (Focus): Inflicts significant damage by generating a shockwave before flinging enemies into the air
  • Starfall Pounce (Focus): Storming Red Dragon (Awakening): A combination move that does successive damage by drawing the opponent in and then delivering a last blow that throws them back to the ground

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