What You’ll Love About Living in Philadelphia

Cities throughout the United States have plenty of characteristics to love about them. Especially the city of Philadelphia and all its glory. You are bound to find something to love about the Philadelphia area.

Some of the things that you will love most about Philadelphia are the lower cost of living/ affordable housing, job opportunities, and all the history/agriculture. Definitely, factors that you should consider when looking at Philadelphia houses for sale.

Lower Cost Of Living

Philadelphia has one of the lowest costs of living in the state of Pennsylvania. Not just Pennsylvania, but the United States, as well. Having spare finances will offer you more opportunities.

Less money on housing and other things will give you more money to spend on the fun stuff that Philly has surrounding it. Controlling your financing with lower costs will also give you spare cash for emergencies as well.

What if your hot water heater blows or you need a new refrigerator for your home? You will have that money for unforeseen issues that can and will eventually arise. Having money will definitely help you in your future as a resident of Philadelphia.

The groceries can greatly factor into your cost of living, but everything should work out for those that keep track of their finances. The smarter you are with your money, the more you will have!

Job Opportunities

Philadelphia is a wide landscape of job opportunities for those that are looking for them. Some of the biggest opportunities for jobs are in the fields of education and healthcare. Both are tremendous for what they do in the city areas.

Healthcare is big in Philadelphia. There are many different hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities that are spread throughout the Philly area. Getting a job with them will allow you to provide care for those who need it.

The other big opportunities for jobs are in the field of education. You’ll have the opportunity to mold young minds and teach them different subjects depending on whatever you decide to teach.

With a large number of high schools and Universities including Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, it is clear that education is a popular job opportunity that can and should be considered by those that are qualified to teach.


There are plenty of cities in the country that are surrounded by the history that formed them. Philadelphia is no exception to that statement. You can see the remains of Philly’s past by taking to the streets and looking at it for yourself.

Walking through Philadelphia will allow you access to sites like the Liberty Bell with its famous crack that was heard throughout history itself. It is on display for all to admire and learn from it. 

When you think of history in Philadelphia, most think of the Liberty Bell, but there is one other historic site that is more important. Independence Hall still stands tall and in a league all its own.

For those that aren’t aware, Independence Hall was the location where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. That building was where the United States of America truly began to form!

If you want affordable housing, amazing history, and great job opportunities, consider moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and see why people love living there.

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