What’s the Cost of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Tucson? 

You have sustained injuries in a car accident, where the other driver was mostly (if not entirely) at fault. Arizona is a fault state, which means you can file an injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Winning a settlement, however, may not be the easiest task. Considering that you are already dealing with medical bills and income loss, you wouldn’t want to add to the current financial distress. This is often one of the key reasons people step back from seeking legal representation after a car crash. How much does it really cost to hire a Tucson auto accident attorney? Here is a surprising overview of the fee structure for your help.

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Contingency fee vs. an hourly rate

When you hire a criminal lawyer or a divorce attorney, they typically work at an hourly rate. In such cases, your lawyer will give an estimated overview of the costs in advance. Lawyers may also work on such cases on a retainer fee. 

Personal injury lawyers are different. They take accident claims and lawsuits on a contingency fee. The lawyer only gets paid when they win a financial settlement. They get a percentage of the final settlement awarded by the insurance company or the jury (if the matter ends in court). If the lawyer doesn’t win, they don’t get a fee – It is that simple. In other words, there is no upfront cost of hiring a car accident lawyer in Arizona. 

The benefits of contingency fee

When a lawyer takes a contingency fee, they put your interests first and fight to get a fair settlement. For the attorney, it is about their track record and getting a higher fee, and therefore, the arrangement works for both parties. Also, a contingency fee means there is no additional financial burden. You can hire a lawyer, let them work on the case, and when you get paid, they get paid. 

How much is the contingency fee?

In most cases, the contingency fee varies on the lawyer’s experience and the work required to win the settlement. The range is anywhere between 25% and 40%. If the case takes too long to settle, or there are too many complications, your attorney may charge more. Cases that go to trial end up being more expensive for the victim. 

Your lawyer throughout the case can pay other investigation and litigation expenses, and when you win a settlement, they will adjust these costs.