When to Pick a Running back in Fantasy Football

When looking for fantasy football advice, try to avoid the positions that are ‘run on.’ A positional run will generally be a stretch for a player. The current uptick in picks will most likely continue, leaving someone holding the bag. The studs in the position will likely be on a bye week. You should also avoid blindly following any advice you get. The following tips will help you draft players, at the end of runs.

Drafting players at the end of runs

If your team cannot land a high-quality RB in the early rounds, you may want to double up at wide receiver and wait for a late-round running back. You may also want to focus on locking up elite tight ends like Kelce, George Kittle, and Robert Woods. Depending on your draft strategy, you may be able to take a player in the first round that you thought might not fall until later in the round.

How many running backs should I have on my fantasy team?

I should have four running backs on my fantasy team. You consume the accuracy to elect a positive number of players in your group. However, players recruited in a traditional team comprise two quarterbacks, four wide receivers, two tight culminations, four running backs, two kickers, and two defense/special teams.

Avoiding studs with the same bye week

If you are in the system of drafting your NFL fantasy advice for your team, you may be wondering how to avoid drafting studs with the same bye week. Whether you are picking players for the fantasy playoffs or just looking for a player to fill two lineup spots, avoiding studs with the same bye week is vital to avoid wasting your draft capital. Here are some things to remember:

Bye week rotations are a common way to avoid injury risks, especially if you are trying to build a solid fantasy football team. Rely on how you allocate your budget, and you may want to consider benching one or two studs and drafting a backup QB. This strategy is advantageous when all of your starting players have a bye week.

If you don’t pick one, you risk missing out on the season’s biggest game. We discuss the best running backs and how to choose one. Read about Javonte Williams, Derrick Henry, Devontae Booker, Justin Harris, and more.

Javonte Williams

Running backs are one of the most debated positions in fantasy football. They can be the most advantageous position to draft because of their consistent workloads. As such, they are drafting one early in your fantasy draft can give you more flexibility in your waiver moves and lineup stability. Running backs also tend to score more fantasy points than any other position. That’s good news for fantasy owners because a great running back can win a tournament.

It’s difficult to predict which running back will be the best, but you can take some steps to decide. Consider starting Antonio Gibson or Aaron Jones, two cornerstone running backs with upside in your fantasy lineup. These players are good picks in the first half of the draft. If you’re a savvy owner, don’t overlook Dillon’s upside.

Derrick Henry

If you’re looking for a running back in your fantasy football draft, you may want to consider the Alabama product Derrick Henry. The former five-star recruit had a breakout season in 2018, rushing for a combined 62 yards and a touchdown. However, he is unlikely to provide a significant fantasy contribution in PPR leagues. Henry also has limited receiving skills, and he could become a bust in 2021.

Derrick Henry destitute a bone in his end last week and will not be available until Weeks six and 10. However, other options may be worth considering. WR Cooper Kupp and Cleveland Browns RB Chris Thompson are better options for RBs in PPR formats. In addition to Derrick Henry, WR Andrew Luck is also worth considering. However, he has had a limited season overall, so you need to pick other players for your team.

Devontae Booker

If you’re looking for an RB2 fill-in for your lineup this week, look no further than Devontae Booker. Booker has quietly posted solid totals for fantasy owners in recent weeks. Last week against the Eagles, Booker had four receptions and six carries for 46 yards. In PPR formats, he’s had double-digit touches in each of his last four games. Although he’s not a high-end fantasy player, Booker is a flex option for deep PPR leagues.

Booker can be a decent replacement for Saquon Barkley, especially if he’s playing in a bye week. Zack Moss is a good backup option at $5,300 on FanDuel and Draft Kings. Moss is an excellent matchup against the Bills, but he will be a situational workload. In this situation, Booker is a better value than Moss.


There’s a lot of player undertaking going on right now, and the draft will alter the upright of the league. Please wait until we know where all the QBs are going since Fantasy Football is almost all about offense.

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