We all know about the existence of elbow pads, and we know that their function is as obvious as taking care of our elbows. However, its use is not very common since it is not the preferred polo item of many players, it may be due to discomfort or because they simply do not consider the polo elbow pads necessary.

Unfortunately, according to a study carried out in Argentina, it was determined that the upper trunk is the area of the body that suffers the most injuries when playing polo and, within this area, the elbows top the list along with the shoulders and wrist. This is why it is a bit difficult to understand how, even though Polo Elbow Pads are so necessary, only very few players decide to use them. If you are looking to buy quality elbow pads you can check https://www.kronopolo.com/ for more information.

Polo elbow pads are a protection element, which, like the helmet, takes care of sensitive areas prone to blows, either from the mallet, the ball or from falls from the horse. Now, the only answer that we find viable, for not deciding to use polo elbow pads, may be because conventional elbow pads are uncomfortable to wear, either because of the sweat they generate or because of the rigid and heavy material, which we prefer not to wear. nothing put in this area.

What you should do then to acquire good quality polo elbow pads is to advise yourself and know what materials work best when using this implement. The Krono Polo elbow pads are made of Kevlar, a material that has elastic properties, but retains an ideal resistance to sufficiently protect the elbow. As we know, the elbow is susceptible to direct blows, which can generate acute pain and disability for periods of time that can be prolonged; This is why Kevlar is ideal, since it is resistant enough to resist the blow and reduce the force with which it reaches our extremities.

Nowadays, the Krono elbow pads have made it possible to improve the gaming experience while wearing them, the porous material allows ventilation through the fabric which facilitates thermal regulation, thus avoiding excessive sweating, bad odor and allowing a simple washing, resulting in a longer useful life for the polo elbow pads.

It is essential to know our appropriate size to have a perfect fit, Krono Polo has several sizes of elbow pads available, seeking to maximize the degree of fit and customization for each player, at the same time that they are designed in different colors, both for men and women.

Players of international stature have placed their trust in Krono to safeguard their safety, which is why today they use polo elbow pads made by the brand with results above those expected by polo players, this being a commitment of the brand. to continue developing cutting-edge products that improve the experience of playing polo, reducing risks and increasing enjoyment.