Which Countries Are Open to US Vaccinated Citizens?

Question is where Can US citizen travel with vaccine? Thanks to the deployment of the COVID 19 vaccine, travel has resumed hugely this year, and now US citizens who have been vaccinated can travel with fewer restrictions. While the new delta variant poses alarms, digital or physical proof of COVID-19 vaccination still allows US travelers to safely embark on their postponed events and canceled plans.

Even though the number of vaccine availability varies around the globe, some nations are setting in motion their tourism sectors by welcoming fully vaccinated US citizens to enjoy the summer have a look at here https://wherecanamericanstravelnow.com/where-can-us-citizens-travel-with-the-vaccine/. As of 30th August, United States has been removed from the European Union’s safe list and recommended member nations to reestablish travel restrictions. But, it is up to individual nations to decide on restraints for incoming travelers, so it is best to watch closely for official announcements from any European countries as things are changing abruptly.

However, if you are heading abroad, do not forget that US Travelers returning home to the US from various destinations must test negative for COVID-19 irrespective of their vaccination status.

Here is the latest list of countries where Americans can travel this summer:

  • Albania
  • Anguilla
  • Armenia
  • Aruba
  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • Bahrain
  • Barbados
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Belize
  • Bermuda
  • Bonaire
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Dominica
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • French Polynesia
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Grenada
  • Guatemala
  • Guyana
  • Honduras
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Martinique
  • Mauritius
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Seychelles
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Barts
  • Kitts & Nevis
  • Lucia
  • Martin- St. Maarten
  • Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

While the countries listed above are only open to vaccinated US citizens, there are also many other nations where can US citizen travel with vaccine to whether vaccinated or not. However, more restrictions are put in place in these nations, including quarantining for days on arrival and providing a negative COVID 19 proof of test.

CDC recommends that vaccinated citizens take a COVID 19 test ( not an antibody test) before departure to ensure they are not infected. Also, while vaccinated persons do not have to quarantine when back home, it is wise to monitor your health in the following days after arrival to ensure you do not have any corona virus symptoms.


As of 1st September, only vaccinated US citizens are allowed to visit some cities in Belgium; these cities are Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges.

Bulgaria is the latest country to be removed from the safe list. It is considered a red zone country, so US citizens are not allowed in this picturesque country.

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