Which URL Shortened is Best For Your Business?

There are many url shortener services to choose from. Using a service that allows you to customize the URL to suit your needs can make the entire process much simpler. Rebrandly, Droplr, BLINK, Owly, and many others are all great options, but which one is best for your business? We’ve broken down some of the most popular options. Here, we’ll look at a few of the most popular url shortening services, and how each one works.

Setting up a custom domain

If you’re looking for a custom domain for your Rebrandly url ย่อลิงค์, the process is easy and quick. Rebrandly handles the technical aspects of setting up a custom domain, and they’ll even send you a confirmation email once it’s set up. Your branded link will have two URLs – one branded by Rebrandly, the other by Bitly. Each branded URL is different from the other, but both will allow you to edit the url.

The Rebrandly URL shortener allows you to use a custom domain that is exclusively used by your brand. To use this feature, you’ll have to buy a domain name, set up a DNS record, and link it to Bitly. This is more complicated than using Yourls, which requires software installation and ongoing maintenance. Nonetheless, it’s a powerful and versatile tool.

Branded subdomains

If you’re looking for a url เว็บย่อลิงค์ that allows you to customize your site, you can use Droplr’s custom domain option. Although you will still have to pay for the domain name associated with your custom domain, a custom subdomain will be much cheaper. It also allows you to customize your account and website with various features, such as file previews and branded subdomains.

Choosing the best URL shortener depends on your company’s needs and the number of links you plan to create. Some of the features you might want to look for are unlimited short links, a custom domain or subdomain, premium analytics, and unlimited subdomains. Droplr’s link shortener also has a self-destruction service for shortened links and offers enterprise-level security features such as SSL/TLS data encryption. The service also complies with GDPR regulations.

Including branded URLs

The BLINK Short URL comes with many features, including branded URLs, customizable keywords and custom domains. The dashboard offers a variety of metrics, including click counts, location, browser type, and device type. BLINK also offers options for masking long URLs and building UTMs for Google Analytics. You can even create a URL that’s unique to your brand, so your users can use it in email signatures, on social media, or on a website.

A BLINK link management service enables you to monitor every click and track all links. Its robust data is easily accessible and is easily scalable. You can integrate the API into your ecosystem and get email notifications whenever a click occurs. BLINK also offers many helpful resources, including the ability to track your links and monitor their performance. Its pricing plans start at $10/month when paid annually. This plan is ideal for individuals and teams looking for better link building and tracking capabilities.

Register for a paid plan

If you want your short URLs to look professional and consistent, Owly is the way to go. This tool is free and comes as part of the Hootsuite dashboard. You can also register for a paid plan if you need more advanced features. Getting started with Owly is easy and doesn’t take much time. Here are some of the benefits of using this tool for your social media marketing.


If you want to track your link’s performance, Owly is the way to go. Its analytics tools help you measure who clicked on your links, how many people clicked on your link, and where they came from. The company has made tracking your links easy with UTM parameters, which helps you see the ROI of your social media marketing efforts. You can even customize the back half of your 50 shortened URLs.