Who is The Best Breast Surgeon in India and Mumbai?

With age, the breast tissues lose their elasticity, droop, and descend to the lower chest wall known as breast ptosis. Besides aging, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, breastfeeding and hormonal disorders also cause the breasts to droop and become saggy.

Nipples also descend downwards and the size of the brown portion around the nipples (also called the areola) increases.

Breast lift surgery is done to correct the droopiness and make the breast look youthful and uniform in shape. In some cases, the surgery is combined with breast implants in the upper portion of the breast to increase the breast size while correcting the shape.

Best breast surgeon in Mumbai

For breast lift surgery in India, Dr. Siddharth Prakash is one of the best breast surgeon in Mumbai at Lilavati Hospital. He is a KEM Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston alumnus.

Candidate requirement for breast lift surgery

The perfect candidate for the surgery needs to have a stable weight and should have no medical issues that can affect the surgery outcomes. Also, to get this surgery done, your most important goals should be correction of droopy and saggy breasts with stretched skin, where your nipples are pointing downwards below the natural breast crease.

Another important requirement is that you should not be motivated by anyone else and the decision to undergo the surgery should be completely yours. Results of any cosmetic procedure are limited and cannot mimic the natural shape, so patients need to have realistic expectations from the surgery.

What a breast lift can achieve?

A breast lift can have life-changing effects on your breasts. It can reshape your breasts, lift them, and reposition the nipple, and areola with minimal scars. Mastopexy and breast augmentation can be combined to improve the shape and increase the breast size at the same for women who have small droopy breasts.

The Procedure

There are techniques for mastopexy in Mumbai and your surgeon can decide which one is best for you as per your goals and shape and size of the breasts and the level of droopiness.

At first, the surgeon draws markings to plan the surgery, and then incisions are placed. The level of droopiness affects the length of the incision. After the incision, the doctor removes the skin and repositions the nipple and areola for making the breasts look fuller and higher.

Sometimes a surgical tube is placed for draining extra fluid or blood, however, it is unnecessary in some cases. The cuts are closed with sutures and elastic dressing is applied to cover the incisions and prevent the risk of any infection.

You will also need to wear a surgical bra for 3 to 4 weeks and then replaced it with a soft bra without wires for supporting the breasts and preventing any inflammation. Another important step for quick healing is to avoid any kind of physical activity for a few weeks. Heavy weight lifting and is not allowed for about a month.